To the Editor:

What is going on in Iraq? Some of us remember all the hyperbolic rhetoric, based upon the flimsiest of “evidence” back in 2003, that removing Saddam Hussein and “freeing” Iraq would make that country the keystone in an ever-widening gush of democracy across the Middle East. Some of us knew enough about the politics of the Middle East and Iraq to draw back in amazement that anyone could be so stupid.

Now we see that the keystone of Iraq is crumbling to rubble, sectarian violence is increasing, religious animosity is increasing, and the likelihood is good that Iraq will become the center of destabilization in the Middle East.

Why haven’t the criminals who sold this country that pig in a poke back in 2003 been tried and put behind bars?

If you kept up, as I did, with the squandering of lives and treasure that asinine war gave us, you are surely as angry as I am about it.

Ben Liles


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What is conveniently forgotten is, that President Bush gave Saddam more than enough time to move his family, the country's gold bullion and chemical weapons, etc. to Syria as a
safety hedge...all the while Sadam went into hiding inside Iraq. It took that much time, because our conventional forces required a lot of time ( 1 year) to ramp up for the deployment, due to the previous President (Bill) consistently cutting the military's budget of resources to include training to spend instead on domestic issues.
It was both the Democrats and Republicans that were in favor of the invasion to rid Sadam of his turmoil he was financing in the region...remember who paid for all those suicide vests used against Israelis as one example. Let's not diminish, forget or rewrite history, because its convenient to make those who you disagree with as depicted as "criminals". The problem now is that we afforded the Iraqi people a new government with elections and their elected chose to favor one side over the other all the while our current President made the decision to not insist on maintaining a military force there with a negotiated status of forces agreement. The media use to call it "cut & run".


I’m just glad things are so much better since Obama has been president.

If you don't believe me, just watch MSNBC.


What must be remembered is that the current regime in DC are the ones who have made Iraq the "disaster" it apparently is today. The incompetence and failure of Obama and his cabal of halfwits are to blame for their failed foreign "policy".

So vent your anger at the right entity, with the understanding that your disloyal statements can only be justified by your service in Iraq.

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