To the Editor:

Reference: John M. Crisp’s Opinion Column; Combining guns and drugs — a new normal in Texas, Killeen Daily Herald, Nov. 19.

In his liberal rant concerning our Second Amendment right to bear arms, old John got so wrapped up in his rant that he incorrectly stated that the Renisha McBride shooting incident occurred in New York. The McBride shooting incident took place in Detroit.

Journalists such as John, who is an English teacher at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, should emphasize to his aspiring students, who would be journalists, the need for accurate research and editing of one’s essay; especially if it is to be published for public consumption; where it certainly will be edited for accuracy.

John further states: “It’s hard to fault Wafer for keeping a weapon for self-protection. But we’re becoming an increasingly anxious and frightened society, and gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association, and many politicians benefit if we stay that way.”

I agree with John. However; it is not guns that are the cause for an increasingly anxious and frightened society. Guns in the hands of the anxious and frightened are some of the tools available to protect against the things causing anxiety and fright. Sure, the National Rifle Association benefits — from the Second Amendment right to bear arms — if society is dangerous. The National Rifle Association is not some obscure demon. The NRA is “We The People” in the Constitution. I proudly state: “I am the National Rifle Association.”

John also seems to have a problem with an American owning a licensed and legitimate business that sells legal guns and legal drugs from his store. To all Johns out there: If you have a headache about “We The People” having our rights, go buy your aspirin where they don’t sell guns!

Louis “Pat” Brittingham


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