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Delivering Thanksgiving baskets helps deliverers understand needs


To the Editor:

The Killeen Branch NAACP, Men of Unity and NPHC delivered Thanksgiving baskets to families in need. My family and I delivered to a home on a street I never knew existed in my 16 years in Killeen. Those who delivered would call my husband and myself to share their experience, realizing how blessed they were; most even sat with the families who shared their story.

Although we may have our perceptions, some of these families not only needed the basket but also needed words of encouragement, spiritual uplifting and most of all prayers.

As each of us left our designated locations, the families said thank you; while those who made the deliveries from the various organizations said to us, “Put me down for next month.”

I am compelled to share this story because those of us who are community servants think we know the need — food, clothes, money. As you give back to your community, it may not necessarily be what you think they need (such as the basket). Explore your community and be apt to hear the story.

TaNeika Driver-Moultrie

President, Killeen Branch NAACP