To the Editor:

In case it wasn’t blindingly obvious to everyone, the Democrats don’t want a resolution to the government slowdown or debt ceiling “crisis.”

The evidence is right in front of us.

After the Republican leadership caved in on Obamacare in return for cosmetic changes and an agreement to discuss future budget cuts (not to be confused with real cuts that will never happen), the Democrats countered with a requirement to actually raise the budget for entitlements, welfare, and the programs most important to their non-working constituents.

Here we are, facing what is supposedly the most critical crisis in recent history, and the Democrats are asking for more money!

Someone needs to tell them that America is broke and the solution is not to encourage people on welfare, but to encourage job creators to hire them.

Michael C. Phillips

Copperas Cove

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and they went out of their way to hurt the people.

Dr Strangelove

We're still paying the interest for money we borrowed (30 billion) for WWI.


@ Someone needs to tell them that America is broke

Someone needs -

Wouldn't that be nice if that could be the President of the United States?
He is suppose to be our leader .
Instead it seems like he encourages the spend, spend, spending.

The only way to stop this, is to have someone who has the will power and Courage to say enough is enough. It doesn't seem as if any democrat has this courage and a few of the GOP members (in name only) hasn't that courage either.

The best way to get out of this continuing of taking from those who have worked and always paid the way of others (some not even legal citizens). Is to remove from office those who are a hindrance to the country's workers ,no matter from which party they say they are loyal to.

Our country was formed and officiated by conservative thinkers, who knew the true value of money earned, They never fed those, who weren't willing to TRY and feed themselves.That is the only way to make it.

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