To the Editor:

Reading accounts of the botched execution in Oklahoma, the dominating thought for me was: here it comes, the anti-death penalty folks have new ammo to fire at the system. We have a condemned man who is subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment.” Imagine how he suffered as he choked, unable to breathe, and eventually dying of heart failure. How awful to have a state put someone to death, and to foul it up by allowing him to suffer while doing so.

The same bleeding hearts who carry one of their endless signs for various causes will have a field day as they walk about with signs reading, “Save Willie” or Sam or whomever, and yet have no qualms about tearing viable babies to shreds for the crime of being conceived.

I am not without compassion; in fact, I work for various charities, and spent a large part of my military career as a medic. But, I am about equity and fairness when punishment is prescribed for crimes committed.

Having served three combat tours, and one year direct combat support, I have seen people killed for having different political ideologies, or being in the wrong place. If given the opportunity, these same hapless individuals would have gladly introduced me, and my fellow soldiers to the same fate ... without remorse. That’s war, and in our society, we are also at war. It is a war between good and evil.

If we marginalize evil deeds such as murder for gratification or while committing crime, we will embolden the criminals who are not impressed with lengthy confinements in our posh holding institutions.

“Let the punishment fit the crime.”

For the record, the individual, who met justice, buried alive 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman after wounding her with a shotgun. Justice served.

Don Fender


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