To the Editor:

Subject: A “Dear Johns” letter to the editor of the Killeen Daily Herald

Dear Johns, (Roberts, Boehner, McCain, Cornyn and Carter),

I am afraid our relationship must end. I am so disappointed with you. When we first met it was almost love at first sight. You were young, brave and determined to change the world. Your words were strong and true. Our future together seemed bright. You were fun to be with. Young and alive, you had all the right words to turn peoples’ heads. You were first a lawyer, a judge, a congressman then a senator or chief justice. Needless to say, my friends and I were thrilled as you railed against the corruption and backdoor deals of Washington. We all thought we had found that strong conservative voice for the people.

Now you’ve changed.

Is it the allure of Washington or the easy money that has corrupted your virtue? Your lips tell me no-no, but there is yes-yes in your eyes and voting record.

You were supposed to be our best and brightest; however, you have been flummoxed by Obamacare, immigration, voting rights, budget negotiations, IRS intrusions, NSA incompetence, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and North Korea.

Four dead Americans in Benghazi, Libya, have received no justice.

These missteps do not bode well for your future or mine.

Our relationship is at a standstill. I no longer trust you. I believe it is time for us to start seeing other people. Sadly, I think it will be difficult to remain friends even after all we have been through together. A new Mr. Right may be just around the corner. To be honest, there is a handsome young senator from Texas who has caught my eye. He reminds me of you many years ago.

Very sincerely, a disappointed voter,

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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KDH why is Smithjr38 allowed to comment? In your rules of conduct you say now racism and yet he is. I can't say the "n" word then he shouldn't use the "h" word. This is the second time I have seen this used and I object to its use. You need to censor him.[thumbdown]


What happened to the days when reporters were impartial and didn't go for any one party? Just report the news and let people decide for themselves. What happened to honor and standing up for your beliefs? Since when did a president get to stand up there and say I will not discuss this?


When I read about the IRS auditing the Tea Party I foolish had sympathy for them . but when I realized that they are hurting the USA and al lot of innocent people for the glory of Ted Cruz. I came to my sense and Now I support the President and the IRS in auditing all GOP and Tea party radicals.

I have also noticed that they all claim to be Christians but this shutdown which is hurting a lot of simple taxpaying citizens to show how holy and pure they are. and they are. But if they were real Christians ( do unto others, love thy neighbor , and turn the other cheek ) then we would not be in this evil mess for the glory of Ted Cruz whom does not know Jesus from Russ Limbaugh.

Yes Jesus was a liberal whom forgave theSinners while Russ and the GOP forgive no one .
The Tea Party and the GOP are just like the KKK in claiming they are Christians yet the prosecute not only blacks but fellow honkie who are real Christians and want to follow Jesus teaching about love thy Neighbor.

And notice this taxpayers in the Debt ceiling coming up the tea party GOP will insist on cuts to social Security . Ignoring the fact that their evil actions is already costing us taxpayers billions a day for the glory of the Ted Cruz groupies
As they are to stupid to do simple math.They have already cut the throats of most Americans with their actions to date.

So if any of you out there whom do not want to worship Ted Cruz and the holy tea party .Then join me in writing our President to take the following action now.

1.Write a executive order that by pass the GOP 'tea party and makes the Democrat budget to 2016 and raises and extents the debt celling also until 2016. and also official classy the GOP / tea party as radical enemies of normal folks and have the FBI destroy them as they did to the holy KKK.



If you find it acceptable for the IRS to “target” ANYONE, perhaps you would be happier living in Russia where it's common place for government to “destroy” anyone who dare speak out against the regime.


how is it you feel it is OK to use honky, but I cannot use the n word?


I will not vote for any incumbent at any level. Blast me if you dare, I don't care. I want to see a complete purge from little league board of directors to president of the united states.

Dr Strangelove

I agree instead of supporting a fellow Texan you want to stand with the Libaggers! My vote will reflect your stance. I’m talking to a lot of people that we may vote for a Libagger next time so you knuckleheads will get the message. Yep kick you to the curb for a Libagger. Stand with us that put you in D.C. not with the Libaggers and Occupy hippies you’re standing with!!!


What a nearly magnificent down to earth ,tellin' it like it is, this is how the people, (at least this person) feels, in how you have not done your jobs, letter. Mr. Van Riper has written the words, and the feelings, of so many of the people of the state and the country really.

Everything the letter writer says IS TRUE. He tells no stories.
I personally even invested money in one of the people mentioned above , but, will never do so again or In any of them. It was money which turned out to be ill spent.
I didn't spend my money to receive favored treatment above others in the state or the country, But only what was fair and justly due for all.
But when a representative can stand in a public forum as one has recently, and tell the people, most who helped him get elected. That they are in the wrong, in their arguing, that the millions of illegal people in the country shouldn't be allowed to benefit off the tax payers and true citizens of the country,
I have to realize our relationship is over, we no longer have anything in common. They expect me to be a fool and enjoy it while being so.

When a judge of the 'Supreme' court can put in a fix of some sort, and go against what a majority of the people of the country doesn't want in their health care and why he did it ,only God and he knows, its time to sever relations with that person, they no longer are thinking of my or my country's peoples better welfare.

When a long time Senator of the United States Senate can stand and call names of one of their fellow party members 'who is' speaking the way a majority of his party, myself included, wants him to speak , 'a Wacko Bird ', then its time to sever any connection, least, I will next be called these names myself by these same people.
Only added would be a word in front ' Dumb' Wacko Bird.

The people have been forced fed a medical plan which has come to be known as Obamacare for the last years.Even though a majority again has said ,bad idea, we don't like it, and want nothing to do with it, but are told by some in Washington, and, people who are suppose to be looking out for our better interest, 'you will do as we say, and like it '.

I can't afford to trust any of the people named in Mr. Van Ripers letter to editor, any longer, They were all suppose to represent the people, but I have had to realize they are representing illegal aliens and their friends and interest in Washington.
I and any tax payer, only represent the money that supports those interest. While some are wanting to help take away the employment that earns those USD's that the world loves so much, and hand jobs over to illegals or foreign countries citizens.

Sorry to say we have not many Samuel Adams in our government any longer, very few. But the ones who are there, have to be supported in the hopes that with their fighting spirit, the people can receive decent, fair, honorable and secure treatment, that's all the American people ask for from the beginning.

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