To the Editor:

When discussing North Korea’s latest threats and actions, you usually hear that leader Kim Jong-Un is simply bluffing.

To the rest of the “civilized world,” it makes sense that some countries just need to calm down and accept their place in the global pecking order. Why would North Korea threaten us when we could cut off their money and food aid or simply obliterate them?

Last year, I had the opportunity to hear Henry Kissinger speak about Asia’s perspective on war.

In America, we view war as a last resort to achieve goals. When round after round of talks, negotiations, and sanctions fail, only then do we resort to military action.

Asia, however, views military action as another negotiation tool essential to gaining leverage against larger opponents; sudden moves and unexpected action can eventually create a favorable political environment where it’s easier to achieve goals. Whereas Westerners view war as a failure of negotiations, Asians consider war a valuable tool to demonstrate invincibility and increase one’s bargaining position.

Thus, it becomes clear how dangerous it is to assume that North Korea is bluffing. While their provocations may seem like certain suicide, remember that they don’t think like us and we cannot afford to ignore them. These unbelievable threats and military movements may, in their mind, be the best bet to guaranteeing continued food aid and ensuring their survival.

Micah Ables

Copperas Cove

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I agree with the writer if I've read him correctly ,and myself add,
The country is dealing with someone from the looks and actions of him,
a real loony tune type character in North Korea ,Who can go off the deep end at a moments notice. If he's allowed to by his overseers.
He has more or less done this as a bully figure picking on someone who he doesn't think will fight him back.

In the pass he would not have thought about acting in this manner,but that was before the country came under an administration who wanted to have everyone as a friend,even those known to be our worst enemies.

The world's fighters admire any who have fought the fight themselves, the more scars from battle you've accumulated the more you are to be revered and the less likely you are to be 'bullied' by the little bully's of the world. Who happen to be born into their position.
If you have shown, you have no experience at battling yourself,they are going to take advantage of any situation.

We should take advise from those from our past,who were not worried about offending,

If we desire to avoid insult,
We must be able to repel it;
If we desire to secure
One of the most powerful instruments
of our rising.
It must be known at all times,
we are ready for war.

General George Washington
Commanding General of the Revolutionary Forces

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