To the Editor:

Re: Patricia Muldrow Roberts’ letter to the editor on Aug. 11 about “racial double standard.”

Ms. Roberts assumes the patrol officer who stopped Zimmerman is racist by stating he would have “definitely handled the situation differently and maybe even shot the driver had it been a black man.”

She also mentions, “The officer identifies Zimmerman as white but Zimmerman self identifies as Hispanic” implying, once again, the officer is racist and let him go because he thought he was white.

Fact is, people pulled over for speeding frequently receive warnings instead of tickets at the discretion of the officer. If you’re respectful, maintain a valid driver’s license, insurance, etc., as required by state law, have no outstanding warrants and show no resistance to their instructions and/or questioning, they sometimes give a warning.

I’m aware it’s difficult for some to believe it’s not always racial but, it has nothing to do with skin color. It has everything to do with actions.

Instead of never missing an opportunity to complain how oppressive it is living in the United States, acknowledge the real reason some are being “harassed” by police or what’s keeping them from getting a job or why people are judging them badly. It’s the gang they are hanging with. It’s their pants sagging so low their underwear is exposed. It’s the vulgar, insolent language they use when mimicking the likes of Jay Z. If they act like a “gangsta” and get “gangsta” tattoos, people will react as if they really are a “gangsta.”

I know it’s a harsh reality that there could be any reason other than race for the negative views, but our youth need to be told these actions are not going to get them anywhere but in trouble ... no matter what their skin color.

So, talk to your children. Tell them ... they are dying to know.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights

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I’m not sure what the profile reports would “prove” but I’m sure it could be great grounds for argument.

When the police are looking for a serial killer, they target white males first. Does that make them racist? No. Then tell me why it’s racist to target people from the Middle East when looking for terrorists or profiling blacks to solve crimes committed by blacks.

Believe it or not, there actually are individuals who profit from claiming racism and the more people they can outrage, the more profit they make! My example about the black man getting pulled over establishes the “Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t” reality. There will always be someone to “perceive” racism no matter what the circumstance or outcome. But, perceiving it doesn’t make it so.

It makes no sense that in our quest to be “politically correct” we frisk little old ladies and children in wheelchairs at our airports so we are not accused of “profiling” when looking for terrorists. Political correctness is taking away EVERYONE’S freedoms… giving the real criminals the advantage over law abiding citizens. PROOF: Nidal Hasan.


okay - Strangelove and Roody - I'll buy your reasoning. But, just for kicks, request a few profile reports from various cities with their police departments - i'd start with Dallas County. They're pretty honest.


Zimmerman was not respectful. Three times he gave unintelligent answers. All the times the officer told him to calm down. His answer were all like a wise-guy. The officer finally had to tell him, not to play with his gun - look that one up. Had it been a minority, he's been searched, car searched - treated very different. Proof - I just returned from the store and several patrons were making wagers that the two cops that has a white man pulled over with a dog - patrons were saying, "I bet you they let him go." sure enough - they let him go,.


jbtsr: Without even knowing why the "white man with a dog" was pulled over, the patrons had the insight to know he was going to be let go because he was white. That's an amazing talent! Next time get the winning lotto numbers from them.

The last time I was stuck in a long line at the bank drive-through, I saw a black man pulled over by a white officer. He didn’t arrest him or give him a ticket. Heck, he didn’t even search him. The officer returned his license and let him go. I wonder what that was about! I’ll bet the black man never even broke the law. The police just profiled him and pulled him over to harass him, huh?

Recently on a drive to Temple I saw the police arresting a white guy on the access road in Nolanville. They had him handcuffed and were putting him in the back seat of the patrol car. (I can’t imagine what he did to get arrested since that never happens to white people.) He must have been a serial killer. After all, most serial killers are white, you know. In fact, ninety percent of known serial killers are Caucasian males between the ages of 25 to 35. The police use profiling as a tool to help them solve these crimes. It’s a good thing too or else he may have gotten away!

Dr Strangelove

WHAT! Just what are you saying jbtsr? I’m getting a lawyer and sue some of these police departments around here. I have gotten tickets for speeding and running some stop signs! These were WHITE officers and I’m white I should have not been giving any tickets! I also believe I was profiled when running that stop sign—this is outrageous how dare these WHITE police officers give a WHTIE MAN a ticket!!!

Where's Jesse and Al when you need them? [rolleyes]

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

To some it is easier to blame everything on race than it is to blame themselves.
Yes, there are racist in every race...
How we handle ourselves and how hard we work will decide how our lives will be.
We have a choice to become what we want or to ALLOW others to keep us down.
It is OUR choice.


Proud Mother, I totally agree with you. It IS easier for some to blame everything on race... jbtsr just “proved” that.

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