To the Editor:

As a grandfather, I am saddened by the dumping of children by their uncaring, devious parents, and by the governments of all involved countries for aiding and abetting the transport of children for financial and political purposes.

Regardless of your desire to fill our country with additional dependents, and for the ulterior motive: invigorating the Latino element of the Democratic Party.

My primary question is, how can any parent put their children, some of whom are still in diapers, on the doorsteps of a foreign country?

Don’t give me, or the few remaining patriots, the idiotic answer, “the chance for a better life.”

This is cruelty beyond civilized behavior, and we are not only a party to this crime against humanity; we are equally guilty, if not responsible.

There is no concern for the children, or evidence of parental love when you place your children in the dubious care of coyotes, who will dump them at the feet of our helpless Border Control agents.

“Seeking a Better Life,” KDH, 3 July 2014, would tug at the heart strings of any compassionate human being.

It’s a story of an 11-year-old immigrant, who against the wishes of his parents, departed Guatemala for a better life in the USA. Breaks your heart doesn’t it?

The story is made more tragic by the boy’s untimely death soon after arriving in the promised land.

Now the story gets interesting; he departed Guatemala with $5,400 passage money.

Do you know how difficult it is to raise that amount of money in Guatemala?

The parents did something no reasonable loving parents would even consider; they threw away their child.

But he insisted, you ask? Did I not say he was 11?

They paid for his passage, you reply. Forget it. You are part of the problem.

Don Fender


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Homeland Security's job is to protect U.S. territory, sovereignty, domestic population, and critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression. Obviously, they are failing.


The 'dumping of children, adults who accompany them' is WRONG. This is just another ploy by 'others'. To all who say 'This is the Humanitarian to do' I ask you, 'Why is the United States elected for this type of compassion'? It goes with the old adage 'Let Ricky do it' only in this case it's 'Let the United States do it'. I may 'pop your bubble' but 'The United States cannot or should not be the care takers of 'The World'. One, 'We cannot afford it'. Two, 'The United States should not be the dumping ground of the world'.


While I do feel bad for these children, we have OUR children, OUR Vets and OUR Citizens that need help, live in poverty and are homeless. We need to take care of our own before we start motherhing everyone else's problems.
How can we put these children before ours? How can we spend billions of dollars on them while our own people go without?
The hard fact is that these children and adults are her ILLEGALLY and what message are we sending to make that ok. There are people who came here legally, waited for years to be allowed entry, spent thousands of dollars .........
No matter how you slice and dice it, these children and adults need to be returned to their home countries. It is a political situation because the timing of this invasion ....... if does not take much to add things together


This is a humanitarian situation- not political - like what Republicans are saying.
It's OUR country.
We all came from somewhere .
Take care of these children.
Compassion and caring must be at the front of everything .


Then I'm sure you'll invite 5 or 6 to live with you while their case is processed for around 2 years.


Compassion and caring must be on the front of everything"

Everything except the unborn baby?


I'm sure you will cut the check to house, clothe, and feed all of these people in your backyard.


I'm compassionate.

These people need to enter my country by the rules and under the law. Those that do not must be apprehended and returned to country of origin. Period.

Enough is enough.

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