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Editorial in KDH missed boat regarding N.J. governor’s leadership


To the Editor:

The editorial in the Jan. 10 Killeen Daily Herald missed the boat — again.

It failed to show the difference between real leadership and community organizers leadership. It attempted to show that the New Jersey governor is a washed-up politician.

In the five years that President Obama has been in office, with his inept community organizing style, I have not seen the editorial that proclaims his demise.

No, the KDH goes along with the national mass media and progressive TV talking heads in reporting only half of the political picture.

The New Jersey governor took ACTION on an identified problem. He FIRED someone who let him and the state government down. He did not invite her over for a Beer Talk.

He did not tell the world that New Jersey was the nastiest state in the Union. He did not tell the world that his state was the problem.

He did not stop his legislator from obtaining the information (i.e., Fast and Furious, Benghazi ), and not falsely blaming a video for a dead ambassador.

No, he took action to solve the identified problem.

What has President Obama done to all his subordinates for their mistakes that lost millions, if not billions, of the dollars?

If I were still in the military, I would not want a commander in chief who does not care if I’m sent to a foreign land to maybe die for my country.

That is why the KDH should examine what goes into its editorials, because in Killeen and the surrounding areas we have REAL leaders who have led men in combat and have put their lives on the line and do not appreciate nonleaders explaining what real leadership is about.

W.A. Wright Jr.