To the Editor:

The editorial in the Jan. 10 Killeen Daily Herald missed the boat — again.

It failed to show the difference between real leadership and community organizers leadership. It attempted to show that the New Jersey governor is a washed-up politician.

In the five years that President Obama has been in office, with his inept community organizing style, I have not seen the editorial that proclaims his demise.

No, the KDH goes along with the national mass media and progressive TV talking heads in reporting only half of the political picture.

The New Jersey governor took ACTION on an identified problem. He FIRED someone who let him and the state government down. He did not invite her over for a Beer Talk.

He did not tell the world that New Jersey was the nastiest state in the Union. He did not tell the world that his state was the problem.

He did not stop his legislator from obtaining the information (i.e., Fast and Furious, Benghazi ), and not falsely blaming a video for a dead ambassador.

No, he took action to solve the identified problem.

What has President Obama done to all his subordinates for their mistakes that lost millions, if not billions, of the dollars?

If I were still in the military, I would not want a commander in chief who does not care if I’m sent to a foreign land to maybe die for my country.

That is why the KDH should examine what goes into its editorials, because in Killeen and the surrounding areas we have REAL leaders who have led men in combat and have put their lives on the line and do not appreciate nonleaders explaining what real leadership is about.

W.A. Wright Jr.


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Get off "Bengahzi Gate".


We will when someone is held accountable for it. Either investigated or fired, the same with the IRS scandel, the guns sold and oh yes the AFC or Obama care that is destroying our country. When did you get the number 4000 killed? Was that under Bush or Obama? Americans are getting sick of this administration and rightly so!


Roody - Benghazi (4 Americans one of whom was an Ambassador) versus over 4,000 in Iraq. Where is your outrage for them? Was no WMD. Was nothing but Saddam once trying to have Bush 41 killed. Check the press conference where Bush 43 said it. Sec of Defense made a note on 9-11 to use the attack as an excuse to go after Saddam.

Have outrage for the 4,000 as well as the 4 and get of Benghazi Gate.


Pete, you assume much.

We could go back and forth all day about things to be "outraged" about that are not on the topic of my post.

My comment was about how the news media diverts attention from the incompetence of the CURRENT administration by making excuses, failing to report facts and/or resort to lying for their agenda.

Those who don't watch an array of news sources and do research on the information that is fed to them will continue to keep their heads in the sand and mimic the narrow information they receive. (ex: It's all Bush's fault.)

Get off "Bush" ... he hasn't been our president in five years.


The media wants us to believe "Benghazi Gate" is a "Non-scandal" and they will try to make us believe "Bridge Gate" is the "Scandal of the Century." And, you can bet "Not knowing" won’t be a valid excuse for the Governor like it has been for the President.

Those who are most threatening to the Democrat’s agenda will become the target of their vengeance and the mainstream (Soros backed) media will be their smoking gun.


Won't vote for an incumbent, never have, never will.


I am happy that the KDH missed the fat boat .

As far as comparing the tyrant spoiled brat Obama with Christie who is also a tyrant wanting to punish folks for not worshiping him . There is no difference .
because a bully is a bully.

May I suggest that the KDH take the lead and urge the GOP in the right direction that will benefit the nation .

And that is for the GOP to move forward and start a serious search for both a women candidate as both President and Vice President.

As women make up a very large percent of voters and they are more than ready for a women President as men in both parties has failed to be real men a big factor for the low ratings of congress.

How about K B Hutchison for President she would make a good President and yes would have made a good Governor and the state of Texas let her down for the fine job she did as a Senator because of the Good ole boy hunt club hates women even though Perry mother was a women .I think. Perry was able to use the fact women have no rights in the Texas GOP to win.

And Like it or not Hillary has most of the Women vote.

But the GOP has a lot of decent women to compete for the women's vote
And most GOP women are both conservative and smart and know how to control things and make the man think they also control them.

And women are best known for how to clean up a mess . including that Obama mess in D.C.

The biggest advantage a GOP women would have against Hillary is that the GOP women are classy women and object to sexual perverts coming into their or their children rest room . While Hillary weclomes sexual perverts joining her and Bill in her restroom so as to get the gay vote.

GOP women especially Texas women is they will shoot any sexual perverts they find in their restroom.And when the major gay media complain she will shoot the reporter too.


There are people out here who care, the elections in 2014 are coming and I hope we all get out there and vote. Please don't sit at home and say my vote doesn't count. My on KDH where is the other side to the story?


My Goodness others do read and pay attention to the (un)reporting of the reporters.
Without a doubt there is a double standard in reporting depending on the media political views.
The issues raised in this L-T-E was exactly My own questions. Additionally I was confused by the "Talking Heads and Politicians" responses and demands for "Heads To Roll" .
Why is the Attorney Generals Office getting involved about the possible criminal charges that might be assessed. Maybe a look into the mirror first should have been Mr. Holder's statement concerning illegal activities on going in All Posts of the Government at The Federal Level.
Seems to Me States are policing themselves without Mr. Holder's Help.


@ Why is the Attorney Generals Office getting involved about the possible criminal charges that might be assessed

I agree, this only involves the state, not the feds. (Of course if you're trying to use it for possible political gain, you will try to stick your nose into it ).

Who ever has been involved in the bridge being taken away from the citizens use (for no reason other then retaliation concerning a private matter) those people, no matter which political party or rather its male or female. Let them be found and prosecuted if charges are deemed necessary.

But Holder is in enough trouble himself, I would advise him to continue keeping his own head in the sand.
Of course he does have orders to follow for his boss's


The KDH has missed a lot in the past 6 years.

Dr Strangelove

HOOAH! [thumbup]


The people are starting to speak up and voice their opinions, and I must say it is about time. Again I ask "what has happened to our country?", we have become a nation of sheep and takers.

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