To the Editor:

Re: KISD discipline system

The May 6, 2013, article on KISD discipline reminded me of my zero-tolerance discipline policy as a public school principal.

When you entered my school, you saw 10 zero-tolerance rules posted next to the welcome sign. Consequences for breaking the rules did not include removal from the school campus.

When a student enrolled in my school, they were mine. I assured all parents that my commitment to their children was firm.

I was questioned by assistant superintendents who were my supervisors, but the fact remained that the students were mine. They were not going any place but their assigned school, and I was supported by parents for keeping my promise to educate their children.

As a result, I received a visit and follow-up letter of commendation from Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening. (He has a doctorate in education.) In the letter he stated that he considered my school to be “a model for schools across Maryland.”

In KISD, we need more commitment to students by staff and administration. I believe that the instant you give up your power to control a student, the student remains out of your control.

Have the members of the staff and administration in KISD taken an oath of commitment to establish a fiduciary relationship with each child they are charged to educate? Without such a commitment, the staff and administration, not the child, have failed to succeed.

My heart aches for every child I see in our community wearing the black and white uniform of the alternative schools. How sad. This uniform is one of shame that should be worn by every educator who failed these students.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.


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Ms. Brown makes some good points in her letter to editor,
We all, the majority, want children to go to school and enjoy the schooling they'll receive during the 12 years they are by government ruling, required to attend.
I'm sure she was one of the teachers who tried to make a difference in the schooling of a child.

When I was in school, We were lucky enough to have our MR HARRS ,one of the best principals, I have met. I or my siblings have never forgotten him

What Mr. Harris had going for him is that he had complete control of his school, the students and the teaching staff. He didn't become best friends with either AND he wasn't union, nor were the teaching staff.

It was nothing to see him show up anywhere in the hall ways or gyms, lunch room areas etc. You never knew where he might walk in. He might even wonder into a classroom and sit at the back for awhile just to see what was happening with student or teacher.
Too at the time, IF there were a problem, the parents of the day didn't run to school demanding to know why their child had to stand in the hall or didn't get to play at recess that day, they trusted the teachers to be of the character and good judgment to not punish a child just for the pleasure of doing it.

A child spends a lot of their day inside a school, and being a kid, some of them are going to be acting up, he or she is a kid, and kids do 'stuff '. Some are going to do more ' stuff ' then others. It isn't because the majority are 'evil ', its just going to go like that. That's were your Mr. Harris type comes into the picture.

We live in an area where a lot of fathers have to go away for military duty, the mother has to be mom and dad during that time, When a kid gets to their teen years from what I've observed, they are not going to listen to a woman/ mother or teacher,not only boys but girls also at times. You have to have a figure who can control at least at school. You have to have someone who can use a SGT'S voice at times to get some kids attention to cool it and settle down.
You have to have discipline in any environment or else there will be chaos all the way around.

Instead of parents always taking their child's word that a teacher is picking on them, you have to remember, can the same child act up when they're at home, if they do, probably they're capable of doing the same at school at times. They're kids and kids act up, goof off and want to be a clown. They don't stop at the classroom door.

But a parent should feel free to go to the school, ask about anything they feel should be discussed, they will feel better. Let the teacher and their child know they are interested in what is going on in the child's life even while they are at school.
A teacher has many children to care for ,she/he has to have control just as the parents have to have the same at home.

I do have a problem with the gray socks not being black., That may have been the only socks the kid involved had to wear and it seems like the child got as close to black as he may have been able to get.
All of us have to always judge the situation.

And any teacher who is found to be having any unacceptable relationship with a student should be removed from any classroom and punished by law.


I do not understand how you can say that KISD is to blame for the misbehavior of students. Sometimes caring about a child includes discipline. You seem to think that to discipline is a bad thing. Students who assault other students need to learn that putting hands on others will result in a consequence. I do not know what school you were principal of or when that was but you obviously do not understand the pressures teachers are under today. A disruptive student who repeats disrupting can not be loved away and relationships include discipline. You tout your achievements then either run for school board or come and help us in KISD instead of learning what the teachers face every day.

Dr Strangelove

Quote from the letter:
“Have the members of the staff and administration in KISD taken an oath of commitment to establish a fiduciary relationship with each child they are charged to educate? Without such a commitment, the staff and administration, not the child, have failed to succeed.”

Yep that’s going to cure the problem kids take an oath! Statements like this is one of the problems with public education and shows the United States educates and put out some of the dumbest kids in the world. Compare out test scores with kids from other countries third world countries score better because our public schools is a government monopoly that has failed. Majority of teachers do a great jobs but we are being failed by administers and unions. We get kids right out of high school and the only thing I can think is I want my tax dollars back.

Parents need school vouchers to get away from this failed system.


Strangelove, the next time you go to the doctor, drive your car, open a computer program, go to a financial adviser, read a book, you can thank all the dumb former American students who made it possible.

Parents who feel the same way as this poster, PLEASE home school your kids. Please.

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