To the Editor:

On the birthday of our nation it might be a good idea to think of the difference between electoral politics and legislative politics. It might also be a good time to remind ourselves that too many issues have been politicized and they should not have been.

Electoral politics is the no-holds-barred, money-driven way that those who want to lead us make themselves known to us. This sort of politics is not polite or even truthful. It is the interview for the job, not the job itself.

Legislative politics is the deeper, quieter negotiations and compromises that accomplish the will of the most citizens of this country. It is what we expect from our representatives once they have passed through the ordeal of electoral politics. It is what we hired them to do.

What we have is partisan, electoral politics. That partisan job application instead of legislative political negotiations is at the root of the dysfunction in Congress that prevents the doing of the people’s business.

There are many things that should never be thought of in a partisan political way: clean air, education, housing, health, and security — because they are needed by every human being and should not be discussed in partisan terms.

To do that means to be in constant election mode and never to get to legislative mode. It prevents us from sharing our different perspectives on issues and coming to understand each other.

This must stop. Voters must talk with each other with legislative politics and not electoral politics. And then we must elect people who understand the difference.

Glenda Turck


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Elect conservatives who agree to follow the Constitution and consevative core values in government. These include rejecting "progressivism", which is actually a new name for communism/fascism, and ridding the political spectrum of its followers.


Did you ever think that those elected officials are doing exactly what I expect them to do. Education and healthcare security are not guarenteed in the constitution. I dont expect the government teach my kids what I want them to learn and I don't want to pay a bunch of progressive teachers (sorry if you are not one) to do it. Health care the constitution doesnt guarentee health care and for sure it doesnt make insurance a right. I am perfectly happy paying my own health care bill let everyone else pay their own way. One more thing on healthcare when do the unborn get a right to life. Security government cant make you secure. The Constitution mandates the protection of the nation nothing more. If government cannot absolutely guarentee the safety of myself, family, and property they should make no laws that keep me from protecting these things

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