To the Editor:

There is no question that terrorism is alive and well. Events from around the world attest to that. We all know about the terror attack of our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. It was virtually unprotected.

There is evidence that prior to the attack, help in the form of additional security staff had been requested. In an area of such volatility, it is incomprehensible why no action was taken to provide the necessary protection.

French authorities arrested 12 Jihadists who were planning terrorist attacks in the country. Bomb making materials were found.

In Pakistan, a 14-year-old girl was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban. Her crime? Campaigning for girls’ right to education.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah claimed for sending a drone over Israel (it was shot down).

An embassy security aide was shot to death in Yemen.

A couple of days ago, a militant group with assistance from Syrian rebels attacked a missile base in northern Syria and removed missiles.

Just what the world needs — al-Qaida with advanced weapons.

In the meantime, Iran continues on its apparently unstoppable march toward becoming a nuclear power.

In my opinion, peace in the Middle East is just a dream, as is the hope for Israelis to co-exist peacefully with those that want to destroy their country.

The United States should understand that attempting to convert a Muslim country into a true democracy falls in the same category.

We should not let our guard down for an instant.

The United States of America is high on the terrorists’ hate list.

Pedro C. Santiago


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@ Also notice that Mitt and the GOP seem more pro Israeli than the prime minster of Israeli .----

I see nothing wrong with being pro Israel, Since I am myself.

What with Israel not being the reason the U.S. is in the middle east.
I wouldn't use them as the excuse to not vote for Romney & Ryan if someone prefers .

Warren D

If you think electing the R&R team will solve the problems in the Middle East you are assuming too much.
The R&R team will hire the same right wing working for the military industrial complex who let OBL escape and created the stupid mess in Iraq . and then Afghan are going to be running the show .
Also notice that Mitt and the GOP seem more pro Israeli than the prime minster of Israeli .So they will be seen as just more Jews making fools of the USA as the R&R team seem the think if they brown nose Israel they are brown nosing GOD him self.
So thing will get worse and more expensive for the USA.


Mr Santiago has hit on just about all of the major problems and dangers the U.S.faces today.
With others being, lack of jobs,lack of income,lack of food.But without protection from the dangers he mentioned above,all of these things would have no meaning ,unless they would be gotten as a possible enslaved people.

One reason we need to remember being overtaken by the radicals of the Muslim world would be a bad idea. Have we taken note of the treatment of the female population of the countries he's mentioned? How many American women would willingly go along with such treatment ? Not many.
So there would go a large part of the moms and grandmothers of today. They have known a free world ,they aren't going to agree to live in an environment of,no school,no driving,no outside activities,etc.etc. and knowing their female children would grow up to live the same type lives. What kind of life would that be?

Mr Santiago is right,and no matter what some of our politicians try to get us to believe,the people who have the U.S. and it's people as targets , are not just like us.They are a group who only understand someone of power and strength and are willing to take advantage of someone who they know aren't capable of showing it.

We have in the last few years been made to look to the world as if we're a people who have mis-treated and mis-used the other peoples of the world,the majority of us who can think for ourselves know , this is a lie. Too many lies have been told to us and told about us.It's time to stop the lying and accepting the lies.Its time to stand up for ourselves and do say (as Bush stated) you're either with us or against us. Together we stand,divided we fall.

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