To the Editor:

The recent fiasco over fallen heroes’ death benefits illustrates the argument for smaller government, particularly at the federal level.

Had Washington not been too busy trying to control every facet of our daily lives, they might possibly have the manpower to oversee Veterans Affairs.

They could start by firing the inept bureaucrat who made the command decision to hold up those particular funds.

Lists are compiled daily of the asinine activities (and funds to facilitate them) that Congress conjures up to justify its existence.

Sometimes these lists are even exposed on Fox News, and on rare occasions, elsewhere.

Then the callous, jaded public has a big laugh and returns to idly watching the Behemoth gorge itself to even greater size and power.

Is outrage truly dead?

Morgan E. Shrode Sr.


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obama should have been impeached following the attack in Benghazi.


"They could start by firing the inept bureaucrat who made the command decision to hold up the fallen heroes’ death benefits funds."

Is anyone considering why no one is being held responsible for screwing up? It might be because they were doing as someone higher up has told them to do. As a result, they can't be "fired."

That would explain why they get placed in better jobs or get the option to retire. It's their reward for following instructions like all good employees should.

Now, lets deduce who is behind it all. (Hint: It's NOT the "tea party" politicians.)


I hope not. Pretty soon they will be taxing us and putting us in jail because we weigh too much, too skinny or some other stupid reason. I don't understand people who blindly follow someone, when the actions of course don't affect them, but they want to make the other person do it and they call it for their own benefit. We can't do this, we can't do that, it might be bad for us. Do these people in Hollywood think we are thanking them for butting into our lives, we don't need them to make our life better, we need to do it ourselves.

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