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Ex-councilman, current members both right regarding warrant issue


To the Editor:

Re: 6/12/14 article — “Ex-Killeen councilman concerned about lack of response to email”

The good news is, the same Killeen City Council people who responded to Mr. (former City Councilman Larry) Cole are the same ones who responded to my recent urgent and very short-notice (same day) request.

The other good news is that I also heard from every one of the council members I tried to contact regarding my concern.

I have nothing but good things to say about our council, our mayor, our city manager, our county commissioners and their staff, and our secretary of state’s staff when it comes to communication.

While we still may have problems and disagreements at all levels, I have to say that they have been responsive to my requests in as appropriate a manner as I have deemed possible.

I also agreed with the reasons Mr. Cole did not hear from some council members.

It may seem strange, but I also agreed with Mr. Cole.

Perhaps there can at least be an automated message that council members can leave constituents when they find that it is not appropriate to respond or they can not personally respond.

The problem Mr. Cole was trying to address is an extremely urgent one.

It is my wish that something could have been done in a timely fashion to save the policemen’s lives.

I also agree with Mr. Cole that we need to do away with the “no knock” warrant policy.

This will surely provide more protection for Killeen police officers’ lives.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.

Former city councilmember