To the Editor:

Retired Col. Handy’s information was (bad) news to me (Letters, Dec. 9 KDH).

I joined Express Scripts last year. I thought it would be easy ... NOT.

They refused to fill a prescription I have taken for a few years with great success.

“They” told my doctor (a respected specialist) to try something else. (He said no; I got it at Darnall Army Medical Center with no problem.)

To the best of my knowledge, “they” never read my medical file; someone just wanted to save money.

It was expensive ... but “they” should have known that it was going generic shortly after they refused to fill the prescription.

Also, Express Scripts is a misnomer ... it takes about 10 days from refill date to the mailbox.

You need a computer to keep track; many other inconveniences.

I have slowly but surely removed my prescriptions from Express Scripts. It may cost me more, but it is worth it to deal with a pharmacist I can look in the eye.

Evelyn Keegan

Copperas Cove

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Mamma Griz

I had one medication that I was taking and my doctor told Express Scripts that I was to stay on that medication, no generics allowed, and they have not changed it. Sure I have to pay for that, but it isn't all that much.

Express Scripts doesn't change your medication of their own accord. If your doctor says that a particular medication should not be changed they won't change it. But they follow doctors orders. The doctor is the one who issues orders, not the pharmacy.

I'm perfectly happy with Express Scripts pharmacy. I'm not planning on changing unless I have to.


You are correct, I have never had a problem either, They even E-mail me to insure I know when to request refills, or I can automatically have them filled. Love the service . With 90 day supply why would anyone have problems.

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