To the Editor:

It is impossible to find the words that describe the anguish felt by Americans all over the country following last Friday’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

As one who fights to protect all human life, the massacre of the precious, innocent young children and their teachers who tried to shield them could not have caused a deeper pain.

It is a pain we in the pro-life movement know well. Every day we who support the pro-life cause, work to put an end to the daily killing of 3,000 equally innocent children in their mother’s wombs in the United States. This shooting has rattled us to the core, and we pray that the Lord bestows the comfort that only he can to the families in Newtown.

While reading the poignant words that the president said at his first news conference, I was touched by the eloquence and his compassion that was expressed in his speech.

I was further touched that his comments included these thoughts: “The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.” It would be wonderful to hear the president speak this way about stopping abortion.

Dennis DeWine

Central Texas Voices for Life

Harker Heights

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Yes abortion is a bad choice . However when is the pro life movement going to wake up and smell the roses ?

Until Huge pressure is put on the men whom get a women in a family way but refuse to take responsibly and marry the lady or pay for her hospital stay ( which is more expensive than abortion )

So the abortion movement is seen by most intelligence folks as a pure anti women movement that supports men in getting away with not taking responsibly for their actions ( it take 2 to make a baby so why is the women blamed and punished and the other have of the problem is allowed to continue to making more problems for more women?)

Fact is most women would prefer to give birth and living normally but the men actions make them feel they were used and just a member of the harlem . So they feel they were abused . and no longer care for the evil man that used them for the mans needs. whom does not take responsibility for his actions . and is allowed to run for congress under the slogan to punish women and deny them health care.

IF Men were held accountable for their actions that would be a major step in reducing most abortions.

Dr Strangelove

Oh come on! Let’s look at the Feminist Movement that tells women it’s ok to shack up, not get married, have sex 24/7, don’t stay at home, and have kids plus a career— it doesn’t work. I agree it takes two but it’s the Feminists that supports the killing of the unborn. Yes men are laughing all the way to the bed; how they get a free—pass why should they pay milk when they can get it for free. So don’t you think maybe some of these women need to stop sleeping around after all they’re not forced to do the wild thing?

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