To the Editor:

The recent articles on rabies May 29 and June 16 have reminded me of a complaint I have had for many years, and that is all the feral cats in Copperas Cove.

I have emailed the animal control and city council members of the medical diseases carried by cats and reminded them that by city ordinance, animal control is tasked with capturing abandoned animals.

On my walk in South Park this morning (June 19) there were four feral cats I noticed and I am sure there are more I did not see.

In every area of the city I travel, there are cats.

In the KDH articles, cats are the only domestic animal found with rabies in the years reported.

Cats also cause “cat scratch fever,” a serious infection, and spread toxoplasmosis, which can cause a fetus to abort — this is why doctors tell pregnant woman not to clean litter boxes. Park playgrounds are big litter boxes to cats.

I urge animal control units in all Central Texas to get aggressive on trapping these dangerous animals before some person contracts a serious and maybe fatal disease. Rabies is almost 100 percent fatal.

Howard Bennett

Copperas Cove


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