To The Editor:

Politics is a maddening and frustrating topic even to those of us who are also fascinated by it.

One of the most frustrating things currently is the filibuster against the confirmation of secretary of defense nominee Sen. Chuck Hagel.

The Pentagon now has no one in charge to guide and protect our soldiers in Afghanistan and around the world.

Is getting even for some policy difference 10 years ago a good enough reason to require 60 votes for confirmation?

Is Congress now about schoolyard macho rather than national governance?

Perhaps Sen. Hagel’s turnaround on the Iraq War matters to some but most of us like to see our legislators actually legislate rather than earn money for doing nothing but get even.

National security is on the line and we need the confirmation now.

The soldiers and their families at Fort Hood and around the world deserve better.

Glenda Turck


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Hagel has stepped on his own wrench at the hearings . As he appeared confused and lost.


Of course Hagel being the first enlisted person to be Secretary would have nothing to do with it - didn't go to Annapolis like some politicians

Dr Strangelove

Ms. Turck, do you really think the Pentagon and our military cannot operate or protect ourselves because there is not some flunky politician in charge—you know nothing about our military. As for Hagel like most politicians I trust as far as I can throw a tank. For the serge the Pentagon asked for so many thousands of troops did they get it? NO! Your guy the President didn’t give what the Pentagon asked for—he’s the reason our military is cannot protect themselves not his flunky. The President denied soldiers died.


hagel's "turnaround" on the Iraq war shows that he will stab our troops in the back the first chance he gets if it is politically expedient. Just like obama flipped over Iraq and every war policy of his predecessor. I remember when the politicians badmouthed our troops,tried to cut off their funding and leave them high and dry in Iraq. Now they will reap what they have sown. Rather than assuage your ego, why don't we choose the right people for these jobs, eh glenda?

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