To the Editor:

“He who hesitates is lost.”

Those words were told to trainees time and time again during (Army) basic training. It made a lot of sense years ago, just as it does now. In combat, a split second can mean life or death. In the case of the Boston terrorist attack, one thing was quite evident.

There was no hesitation on the part of caregivers, first responders and the many volunteers. While some ran away from the blast, another group was running toward it to render aid.

Many of the injured who lost limbs are alive today, thanks to the unselfish acts of those good Samaritans. It must be said, however, that the city was well prepared to handle emergencies and did so like a well-oiled machine.

If the purpose of the attack was to create havoc to attract attention and gain publicity, they certainly chose the right location: an annual event, seen by thousands and multi-media coverage.

According to the news, the terrorists were identified and located while attempting to hijack a vehicle. They are brothers from Russia. In the subsequent shootout, one of them was killed. A major manhunt resulted in the capture of the other.

As is usually the case, many of the people who knew them are wondering why two young men who were well behaved, nice and friendly could do such a barbaric act.

It seems to me, that is exactly what is supposed to happen. One moves into a country, town or neighborhood, behaves well, learns the language, makes friends and no one will suspect what the ulterior motives are.

Apparently, in this particular case, they had been in the U.S. for a significant period of time. Life has little value for these individuals — theirs or anybody else’s. Their cause, their agenda is all that matters. The FBI did a magnificent job. I’m sure that now that the second one has been captured, we’ll know if there was someone else involved in the planning. We must remain vigilant.

retired Master Sgt. P.C. Santiago


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Yes it is very sad to know a little 6 year old girl has had to have one of her legs removed and has lost her big brother only because someone hated the people they had lived around for so many years, That they were willing to destroy all of them that they could, even the little kids.
I believe the reports are, the one bomb was even sit down in front of the little boys feet.

The brothers knew what was going to happen as soon as they exploded.

The people of Boston did a magnificent job of trying to get others out of dangers way and to help as soon as possible. There has already been vengeance on the one brother, the people will have to insist on justice for the younger brother also. And I do not relish that idea, but what else can be done, He helped kill 3 people and badly injured so many others.

We are always told by our federal government ,the people who have done our citizens harm will be brought to justice. But, We have a man who killed many of our citizens himself, Maj Hasan ,he is still sitting in a jail (at the citizens expense) 3 years later. We have a border guard Brian Terry murdered with a gun which was found to have been in the possession of our government at one time ,We have 4 men murdered in Behghazi going on a year now, None of the people who were the murderers have been made to face justice.
This can't be allowed to happen in this Boston case.

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