To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Dannheim’s Letter to the Editor, Oct. 22.

What does it say about Mr. Aycock when you can only drag up Dr. Claudia Brown not wanting a semi-automatic weapon in each home?

I do not see the rational for having an AK-47 or Uzis in my home. We are not at war in the U.S.A.

You right-wing nuts always bring up guns. What about issues?

What has Mr. Aycock done for District 54? What are his plans for us in the future? None!

Each time a Democrat runs for office, the NRA right-wing nuts start to frighten the public with that person is against the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Dr. Brown has no problem with a pistol or shotgun in the home.

She and I do have a problem with weapons that can fire 30 to 100 rounds being in a home.

Let’s see more on issues and plans for District 54 and less about guns. What does that have to with anything?

Milton E. Powell



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Guns are great. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The dons and bubbas need to quit focusing on how their hunting trips might be impacted and start looking at real issues. Jimmy Don Aycock has served enough terms. Time for a change.

Dr Strangelove

As soon as some says; gun nut or NRA nut they’re gun grabbers and as usual very ignorant about firearms. I’m a proud NRA, TSRA, & CHLA member.
When I was a kid I had a .22 hunting rifle you had one round (bullet) in the chamber and nineteen up the slot that’s right it held twenty rounds it was semi-automatic all I had to do was keep on pulling the trigger and I could fire all twenty rounds.
During the Clinton so-called assault weapons ban this hunting rifle was not banned because it looked like a hunting rifle and didn’t look like an assault weapon even though it did the same thing. All the AR-15’s sold legally in the U.S. are semi-automatic.

If you banned these weapons who are you banning them from—law abiding citizens only. So let’s talk about a law abiding citizen—let’s talk about me:
The Texas Constitution Article 1 – Section 23
Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the legislature shall have the power by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.

I am a CHL [Concealed Handgun License] holder.

NON_CHL holders do the majority of the misuse of firearms in the United States.

As a Texas CHL Holder I must:

10 to 15 hours of training done by a qualified instructor certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety [State Police] and must pass 70% firing at the pistol range. We are taught the same instruction that DPS [State Police] law enforcement officers are taught on the use of deadly force.

I carry a firearm everywhere I can legally carry; how is that endangering anyone’s safely?

What the gun grabbers forget is that the devil is alive and well on this earth! There are evil people out there that will soon as kill you as a fly—they don’t care a rats butt about human life or laws.


Mr Powell doesn't know what he is talking about. Nobody I know has an AK 47 or UZI. They do have semi automatic look alikes that function exactly the same as many of your deer rifles and shotguns. Democrats and the news media falsly labels some weapons "assault weapons" in order to demonize them and ban them. Next they will go after your other weapons as well. The second amendment is a bellwether issue that gives great insight into how politicians view you on many other issues as well. A politician who wants to ban guns views you as a subject to be ruled, not a constituent to be represented. Claudia Brown has no respect for the second amendment. What other amendments does he hold in disdain as well. A politician who doesn't trust you with a gun cannot be trusted. I am voting against Brown on the gun issue.

Warren D

I fully agree with Milton Powell. The NRA lobby controlled GOP and now the evil Tea Party have done nothing for the children of Texas except curse them Rick Perry and his GOP gun nuts has kept Texas out of the 46 other states program the the Federal government created to advance education in the USA. so the USA can compete with the world..
The GOP and tea party is a good example of how they have kept Texas a backward hillbilly state.
The GOP say they are pro life but the fully support the NRA lobby making money for profits off the sale of guns and ammo . So how can the GOP be pro life if they support murder and maiming people for profit?
IF fact the GOP think that men have nothing to do with getting a women in a family way so they want to punish only the women but not the GOP man who refuse to marry the girl or pay the hospital bill for her . This shows total ignorance and the cruel and evil way of the GOP/ tea party .


This is the kind of ignorant, uninformed, hateful, vile, and vitriolic nonsense spewing from the mouths of liberal democrats that have made me despise them for 40 years. Instead of pointing out an issue, liberal democrats get on their high horses of phoney superiority and insult their fellow citizens for having the nerve to demand that the Constitution be observed in their communities. I am an NRA Life Member and I DEEPLY RESENT being labeled an "NRA nut" or a "right wing nut" because I have the ability to read the founding documents. Perhaps Mr. Powell ... should learn a little tolerance, which is so famously advanced by the self-righteous liberals.

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