To the Editor:

Killeen Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown set a bond of $4 billion for an accused murderer in order to “make a point.”

A bond under which an accused criminal may be released from custody is set to legally assure that the defendant will subsequently appear in court, as well as to protect the public from possible harm; the greater the supposed danger presented, the higher the bond.

The law provides remedies to deal with reduction of unreasonable bail bonds, and Bell County county and district courts uniformly deal reasonably and efficiently with such cases.

Justice Brown certainly made a “point.” That point is that she deliberately violated her oath promising to follow the law and the Constitution, and this goofy act ethically disqualifies her from continuing to hold office.

I’ve said it before: we all appreciate political jokes, but we don’t want to elect them to office, at the local, state or federal levels.

Rick Miller

former Bell County attorney

Harker Heights

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I'm not an attorney, but even I know that the 'presumption of innocence' occurs at the court house where a jury of your peers will deem the defendant guilty or not.
That same standard does not occur at time of detention where compelling evidence led to arrest or warrant for arrest.


Yeah I'm for real Disgusted. Want to know why bonds are so high in Bell County. And the arrestees are innocent until proven guilty (at least in theory).

The only hope of getting a fair shake from the justice system is to be rich and well connected. Look up Governor Bob McDonald.

What about all the bankers who got paid for ruining the economy while people killed themselves over losing everything. How many of those crooks went to jail?

Yes Disgusted, I am for real.


Pete, are you for real? "The bond companies make their money of the less fortunate"? Are you referring to the arrestees as being the less fortunates? Child rapists, murderes, wife beaters... all less fortunate I suppose! If you don't have any money for the bond, don't commit a crime. Just that simple!!!


Is this the same Rick miller who helped destroy micheal arena family speaking out? Now there's a practical joke if I ever saw.


Nobody minds a political joke.
Just don't vote them into office.


I have watch bond amounts of Bell County vs Coryell and other surrounding counties. Bell is usually two to three times higher. I asked several times for KDH to find out why.

Once I even asked JP Cook and he gave me the textbook answer - public safety and reduce flight risk. But it seems accused with real assets to leave (Heights police officer among others) get a lower bond amount.

I have thought the plethora of Bail Bonds businesses in Bell County has something to do with it.

Again, I ask KDH to do some investigative reporting to get to the bottom of the bond levels in Bell County.

A $4000 bond requires at least $400 plus some other costs and $400 is like a million to many in Killeen and Bell County. Remember the bailed never gets this money back - its kept by the bond companies who make their living off the backs of the less fortunate.

Oh a public defenders still get paid. Like $900 by the accused for an hour in the courtroom and don't even put on a defense. Legal advice is - "Just plead it out". Do these attorneys also get paid by the public? If so, it is criminal!!

KDH - please investigate.

Dr Strangelove

Stalin reportedly called American liberals, “Useful idiots.” Yes this jUDGE is one of them; impeach her!


She obviously does not give thought one to the rights of the victim, where are their constitutional rights. Apparently she believes that the accused, but for society's injustice, would not be in the situation of having to perpetuate crime against another. See the article posted two weeks ago regarding high speed chase, evading arrest with motor vehicle, along with a stolen gun and she sets the bonds at $4000. All indications point to publicity hound not criminal justice reform.


This is an egregious case of judicial misconduct and it should be referred to the state agency that investigates judicial misconduct. I have met this woman and she is an extremely far left looney tune. She has no business in any elective office. Killeen citizens should explore a recall election and boot her out.



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