To the Editor:

I cry for the 116,709 Americans who died in WW I for my liberty.

I cry for the 131,028 Americans who died In WW II for my free speech rights.

I cry for the 54,229 Americans who died to keep South Korea free.

I cry for the 58,282 American servicemen who died in an effort to give the Vietnamese freedom.

I cry for those who went to give Iraq and Afghanistan an opportunity for freedom.

I cry because I doubt that my government will support me if put in harm’s way.

I cry because our government is more interested in what other people think than what Americans think.

I cry because our politicians have betrayed our people with debt and not safeguarding our rights.

I cry because our leaders place self-interest above the people’s rights.

I cry because our leaders misrepresent facts to further their interests.

I cry because our leaders cannot solve the issues before them.

I cry because our leaders put party above nation.

I cry for our people who will not stand up for their rights.

I cry because for the first time in my life I doubt that my government is honest (regardless of party).

Mostly I cry because my government persecutes our people who disagree with its policies.

Larry K. Cole


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Potshots? Some people just can't handle the truth. If we had more politicians doing their job instead of hem hawing then this nation may be better off. Change starts in our backyards. Somebody has to keep it real even if its perceived as potshots. Why not me crawl out of my hole? It was dark and everyone has to see the light at some point.


now...why would someone such as yourself come out of your hole and comment on this letter. you obviously don't even know who was and voted against the buy out yet choose to take potshots at anyone. please return to whatever you sprung from and consider your comments in the future before you "go to press", then you won't seem so......."out of it"..,.....mac


Seriously? Lets add another tearjerker since we're crying anyway. How about the $750K paid to Killeen's former city manager? Now lets think who was in a local government position when this indecent event occurred.

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