To the Editor:

Thank you, Mr. Brandon Janes, for your coverage of mayor (Dan Corbin’s) Facebook comments. It is now obvious to me as a guest observer at the city of Killeen review board hearing, that the mayor is in favor of upholding the firing of Ms. Barbara Gonzales. It is very obvious also that the hearing will probably end up with the city upholding that decision.

Especially since Mr. (Glenn) Morrison fired Ms. Gonzales, he has nothing to stop him from ignoring the review board’s recommendation, and it is totally within his power to uphold his own decision to fire her. I believe Mr. Connie Green was dismissed (in 2011) because he had that kind of power also as city manager.

I believe that we are witnessing more ethnic cleansing in our city government. I also believe our current mayor is disgruntled about his “good old boy” friends on the council being recalled, as he led the charge to stop it, but failed. Now is his chance, as mayor, to get even, and he is doing a very good job of it. The only thing he is overlooking is the fact that his Facebook reveals his obvious feelings (and intentions).

Thank you, Killeen Daily Herald, for making it even more obvious to others. Your viewers may not be aware that Ms. Gonzales worked under Mr. Green, or that she has kept our city financial rating very high, and saw that citizens’ taxes did not have to go up. It did come out in the hearing that she may be late to some meetings, but she has incredibly high overtime hours for which she would never charge taxpayers. To say that she has uncovered gross “mistakes” made by others, she has tried to save taxpayers from broadly approved theft, and is now the scapegoat is an understatement. As a former Killeen City Council member and Killeen city employee, I firmly believe these things.

Dr. Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.


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Yep - sounds like Corbin spoke on FACEBOOK to influence the decision. Time for Corbin to go to the house. Find something else to do. Plant tulips. Dr. Brown's letter was good.


You see mostly "former" employees speak out because you are forbidden to speak of any inside city business while you're an employee, if you want to keep your job. (I never understood, why they fire people) Dr. Brown tells it without any dramatization. That's just how it is.

If the old red brick building could talk ....


I don't think Dr. Browns letter shows sour grapes at all.
She has made some good points on many of the things she's written


Former or not. Like others she's got a right to her opinion. Mayor could benefit from some discretion in his comments. Is this a personal Facebook page or a political one to keep constituents in the know? Regarding the sour grapes, they're an ingredient in verjus. Verjus adds tartness & deepens flavor. Its a great nonalcoholic aperitif & used in syrups too. Sour grapes sound more palatable than the usual rotten fruit served up to the locals by the good ole boy crowd.


I think the word "Former" is key here, sour grapes anyone?.

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