To the Editor:

As a student from the 5th grade through KHS graduation, and an educator of 41 years for students in KISD, I express the continued need for total district improvement.

Many campuses are crowded and aging, creating unsafe learning situations, not only from compromised facilities, but also from outside intrusions.

As a former Harker Heights High School principal, I was always concerned about being able to secure 21 doors from unwanted issues. All of our students deserve equity in learning and productive safe learning environments.

I came here as a military child and know the challenges many of our students face in this regard.

Let us all come together to support the efforts of our superintendent and school board to provide our ever-increasing student body with the tools with which to be safe, learn and succeed in the world we gave them.

This KISD bond election will provide the improvement and growth I have mentioned for now and future years. It is definitely the right thing to do for our kids.

Please consider a positive vote for this very important and necessary issue.

Ralph Bray


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I'm all about supporting our superintendent and our school board, when they make the right decisions. But when they get it wrong, I will call them out on it.
They got it wrong on the bond.
Nothing in Proposition B solves any of the issues Mr. Bray points out in his letter.(A great letter, I might add. Ms Patterson would be proud of you Mr. Bray.)
Prop A has an over-priced high school, an ill-defined "security upgrade" package and an even worse defined "ADA-compliance" package estimated at $14M.
The Superintendent admitted in public the $14M double counts repairs accounted for in Prop B and even worse that the district has no idea how much all the ADA-repairs will cost, only they know it's at least $14M.
The right answer here was a $200M bond to build three schools (one high school and two elementary schools). All three schools should be built on the south side of town. The high school should cost us about $122M with both elementary schools coming in at about $40M each.
The security upgrades, ADA compliance repairs and renovation of Killeen High should be funded out of the strategic facility fund.
I agree with Mr. Bray and Dr Craft and the KISD school board. We have an overpopulation/growth issue.
We disagree on the answer. They want to knock down old buildings, replace them with new building with less capacity at a cost of $426M in places where there is no overcrowding.
I would prefer we build new capacity (where we need it) South of Stan Schlueter Loop, where the city is growing and where we have schools currently using the most portables due to over crowding (Haynes, Trimmier and Reeces Creek to name a few and don't forget Ellison).
So I voted NO. I encourage everyone who hasn't voted yet, to go vote. it makes no matter which way you vote. Just make sure you VOTE. The verdict on the bond must be clear.
That's why I'm encouraging everyone I know to JUST VOTE NO.


It amazes me that you, Maj, know more about KISD and the school business than Dr. Craft , the school board, and Mr. Bray do. Dr. Craft and the school board work with the district, the budgets, the needs of the district, every single day. Mr. Bray spent many years in KISD and was very highly regarded. ...I would think that they would know what they are doing. It's amazing that you know more than they do about the criteria and needs of the district...If you are that all-knowing about the school business and KISD, I really wish you would make yourself known and get in the school business ( i.e. school superintendent, school board, faculty member, anything within the district)...I am serious, if you are that intelligent and all-knowing, I wish you would make yourself known and visibly active.

Comment deleted.

I like to think I am a pretty smart guy, but I have no earthly idea who you are... I do agree, Dr. Craft is a pretty smart guy, and that is understating the obvious...I happen to think he is right with the bond. I hope it passes...I don't like to think what will happen if it doesn't.

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