To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the article in the Sunday April 29, edition of the award-winning Killeen Daily Herald entitled  Council members crying foul over solid waste vote.”

In the third paragraph, your award-winning reporter referred to a“rash decision” to halt the outsourcing of the city’s solid waste enterprise.

“Rash” is defined as “done or made quickly and without thought of the likely result.”

Any objective reporting would not have used the term “rash” in the same sentence with a “2-year-old process.”

As one councilmember said, the facts don’t lie.

It was an easy decision.

It is difficult to understand how councilmembers Johnson, Fleming and Harris did not agree with their fellow councilmembers. It seems as though they cannot be convinced by the facts.

Daniel A. Corbin

Former Killeen mayor


EDITOR’S NOTE: The reporter’s description was in reference to the quickness of the vote, coming at a workshop session. Mayor Jose Segarra told council members prior to the discussion that he didn’t expect a decision that night and later said he was surprised a decision was made so quickly. Also, one of the bidders for the solid waste service subsequently alleged that city staff withheld some important statistics from their presentation to the council. If true, that would have made it difficult for council members to make a fully informed decision.

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Just another chance to be negative toward the city council, the school board, KISD,or a teacher.Good job, KDH.

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