To the Editor: 

It is sickening to see how military justice works today if you call it “justice.”

When I was in the military 50 years ago, anyone who acted like Nidal Hasan would have been declared a traitor, immediately court-martialed, brought before a firing squad and shot.

Yet, he has been allowed to live four years after his atrocities. 

Also, we were told that any soldier who committed rape would face the same treatment. 

Yet, Nidal Hasan has been allowed to live four years after committing his atrocities. 

Plus, for the Pentagon to declare his murderous acts as “workplace violence” is ridiculous. 

If nothing else, he is just as guilty of terrorism as those who crashed our planes on 9/11. 

I bet if Ronald Reagan had been president on 9/11, he would not have continued chopping wood on his ranch like George W. Bush when told in August 2001, that terrorists were planning on hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings on our soil. 

Edward Lindsay 

Fort Worth

(formerly of Killeen)

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Well, the Army is proceeding with prudence to ensure that any conviction approved by the court stands to legal scrutiny. While this may be frustrating, we are a nation of laws, and are obliged to follow them.

Further, I seriously doubt that in 1963 the accused would have been summarily shot or "immediately court-martialed", as it takes some time to prepare a case for trial.

Thee is no evidence that the accused in this case has any connection to a terrorist group of any kind and therefore he is considered an insider threat, lone actor accused of committing criminal offenses.

Declaring the accused guilty of offenses prior to trial creates the exact type of reversible error on appeal that will allow the accused to successfully appeal his potential conviction.

It is well established that President Bush had no information presented to him at anytime prior to 9-11 that was actionable in any way to prevent the attacks of 9-11. Saying so and casting blame where it does not belong voids any credibility you may have had remaining from your previous comments.


welcome to Obama 's Military . Where Obama and his suck ups has destroyed the once finest Officers in any military to professional Obama rear lickers .
Where all military Officers and NCO are brainwashed that the normal is now the Un normal and the Normal is now the new Un Normal.
So the Hasan trail is no surprise and in fact Obama may soon pardon him and appoint him to be the next Chief of Staff after all Hasan is the perfect un Normal .

But don't despair if you have any relatives that are disabled they will soon be able to join the Seals . Special Forces, As the Obama military no longer discriminates whom can join or be a Officer or NCO.

Mamma Griz

Smithjr38:: I gather you are a member of this new Army. This new Army is NOTHING like it was back in the 40's, You probably was a suck-up to Bush. Well, go back to the 40's and you'd find a military that worked at their jobs-- and didn't have all sorts of time off and family days.

The Hasan trial (NOT trail as you said) is a military trial, not in civilian court. So it is different from a civilian one.

And your last paragraph is UNCALLED FOR. You don't know a dam thing about the military under PRESIDENT Obama and what is or isn't going to happen as far as who can join or be an Officer or NCO. You are in the military aren't you? Therefore, they allowed anything in when you joined.


Monkeys are chattering at the zoo.

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