To the Editor:

Re: Rising crime in Killeen.

The mayor thinks crime in Killeen is attributed to family/domestic violence mostly? How long has he been in Killeen?

I worked in Killeen in 2005, and my family is from Bell County. Gang activity, rampant drug use and sales, residents who are not informed, and a council that has never given the KPD what it needs to do the job has brought the city to this point.

Salaries, equipment, a ratio of officers to population that is rational, and a way to keep KPD officers from leaving the city for better jobs elsewhere has resulted in this situation.

The council has always been more interested in building hotels and golf courses rather than focusing on the basics. The city’s fire department has seen many improvements thanks to former fire Chief J.D. Garner.

Residents are clueless because most are relatively new to the area.

A police chief is only as good as the mayor and council who back him. Might I suggest the council and mayor start riding along with patrol on night shift?

Listen to the ones who are on the front lines. When I rode along, patrol officers were waiting up to an hour for a patrol car to be available so they could begin their shift.

I pray for the new police chief’s success and the safety of the KPD. Maybe if Killeen residents showed up at a council meeting and wrote letters demanding the KPD budget be increased.

Get the budgets from years past and compare for yourself.

Judy Gunn


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