To the Editor:

Just about anyone with access to Fort Hood can drive on post with an arsenal with minimal chance of being inspected. The primary focus of security personnel is a large bomb, not small arms.

After the November 2009 shooting, I would observe the main gate inspection point every time I drove though and occasionally observe it from my office building. The inspection point was only used a handful of times that I observed.

The inspection point should have had a vehicle being inspected 24/7. That means constant vehicle inspections at every gate. Why wouldn’t the Army do that simple task? Inconvenience to commuters and cost. The inspections would slow down the flow of traffic. The cost in manpower would also be a consideration, two to three personnel per shift per gate was probably deemed too expensive as an ongoing requirement. Of course, this step is only a deterrent.

I propose allowing soldiers and civilians the right to carry firearms and other defensive tools while on Fort Hood. During the press conference, Lt. Gen. (Mark) Milley stated that concealed carry of firearms is not permitted on Fort Hood. End of story. While Milley would have a hard sell with his bosses to allow anyone to carry personally owned weapons on post, he could order all officers and selected NCOs to carry their issued M9s. But that would place a major administrative burden on units and those individuals. Of course, there would be instances of negligent discharges and lost weapons. Currently individuals could carry knives, defensive sprays and maybe Tasers to defend themselves, but those options are poor substitutes for facing an armed assailant.

Bill Cronk

Harker Heights

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Thanks for ALL the Hassle THAT IDEA CAUSED


Shortly after the 2009 incident, the officers directly involved in apprehending the offender were furloughed and lost their jobs due to budget cuts from Congress. Congress cut the money and all the jobs were lost. Just like what has happened over the last 2 years on post. The fault lies in Congress, who continue to fail to not only properly fund numerous DOD Programs, but actually moved recently to cut entitlements to veterans.

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