To the Editor:

I find the recent announcement from The Hop about bus route closures to be disgusting. The population served by The Hop depend on the public transportation system for daily activities that many of us take for granted. The allowance of this public closing continues the victimization of the low-income, disabled, and elderly.

There are quite a few that depend on The Hop to get to and from work. This comes on the heels of closure of other routes that cut off half of the Killeen area from the other half.

We constantly complain that our “jobs” are leaving the country, but we refuse to invest in infrastructure that would bring jobs, convenience and reliable transportation to the community.

The need for reliable public transportation is great. Many forget, though it is public, it is not free. It is instead inexpensive.

The investment in good public transportation would benefit the citizens and local government. Without it, it leaves many relying on a market of taxis and ride share programs that are out of many people’s price range, especially those in the low-income bracket.

This leaves the most reliable form of transportation for many, as foot traffic. If one has driven in Killeen, they will know how dangerous this option is. There is a considerable lack of cross walks and sidewalks.

There is inadequate street lighting, for at night, it increases the likelihood of the person walking of becoming hit by a car.

I would hope our community would look and think what if this was our sons and daughters trying to make it work — working hard to get to and from work safely?

Our system is broken and in desperate need of repair.

Rachel Dean

Fort Hood

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