To the Editor:

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted on a resolution nicknamed the Green New Deal — or as I like to call it: the Green Raw Deal.

The socialist-inspired proposal includes a wide variety of new programs and policy goals that would expand the reach of the federal government far beyond imagination.

And to make matters worse, the measures included in the resolution are estimated to cost American taxpayers up to $93 trillion — an amount of money that could build a $25 billion border wall over 3,700 times.

Not a single Senate Democrat voted in favor of the proposal and every Republican, along with four others, voted in opposition.

Although, most Democrats refused to outright vote against the resolution—with 43 simply registering as present—it’s a clear sign that even those sympathetic to government expansion find these ideas too ridiculous to endorse.

It’s clear socialism takes and capitalism creates. Lawmakers should take that to heart.

Elaine Parker


Job Creators Network Foundation

Addison, Texas

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