To the Editor:

Mr Trump was correct about voter fraud. In Texas, there were tens of thousands of people’s votes that were given to another candidate. My vote was stolen. I voted for a Democrat president but my vote went to a Republican. In fact, anyone who voted for the Democrat for president in Texas had their vote stolen and given to the Republican. This idea was created back in the day when there were no telephones, computers or other communication ways except by horseback or wagon. So, people, mostly wealthy ranchers, business people, etc., were chosen in the states to determine who would be the presidential winner and the message was carried to Washington by horse usually. All other offices are chosen by majority vote. It’s time to move into the 21st century and allow every person’s vote to be for the candidate they chose, not one someone else chose.

Jim Denton


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Dr Strangelove

Notice how Hillary supporters are still crying. Fine example the peace & love liberals are showing. Beating up Trump supporters, burning autos, breaking store windows, pepper spraying people.

Don’t tell us about being classy. *smh*


How are those "alt facts" working out for you? I remember when they were called LIES, but I guess rebranding things is the new way.


Notice how the Trump supporters on this page have resorted to insults and name calling? Fine example the "leader" of our nation has set forth, and the citizens here have ran with. Congrats.[sad] Stay classy, y'all. *smh*

Heights Teacher

No sir, Texas didn't steal your vote. The electoral college just happens to be the system used to elect the president. Also, don't get discouraged by the name calling of the conservatives. It seems that that is all they're good for these days. Including their president.


Another whining liberal looney tune who thinks he has a divine right to rule.

Dr Strangelove

Oh come on Jim, Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate you Democrats ever put up to run for President. BTW please take a history lesson and learn about our system.

Stalin reportedly called American liberals, “Useful idiots.”


First, we have Trump and his "bromance" with Putin, and now we have Strangelove quoting Stalin.. Coincidence, or is the Right embracing Facism?


The Democrats have 99 reasons for losing the election but having it "stolen" ain't one.


Another looney lib. I guess all dead people and illegals voting in CA was ok though?

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