To the Editor:

We all know folks who do not want health care provided by the government. “It’s socialism.” “It’s for lazy people who won’t work.” “The government has no business being in health care.”

We have all heard the thinking. It doesn’t matter to these folks that a lot of Americans cannot afford hundreds of dollars a month for health care for themselves and their children. There is a simple remedy for those who do not want government involved in their health care.

Show us you really mean it by sending in your Medicare and VA card to the government. You do not have to have Medicare. It is your choice. You are free to go out and buy any heath insurance you want.

So, now the problem is fixed. Those who do not want government health care are happy and those that need it are happy and thankful.

Jim Denton


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Yes socialism/communism is great if you're part of the party and that is what the military's government ran healthcare is.

Why do 65% of Service Members have exceptional family members? Because they can't/couldn't get healthcare/health insurance on the outside.

Yes the military is a communal organization. Dress the same, live together, eat together, get relatively the same pay and benefits. Very communistic if you ask me. By the way, I am a vet and know how lucky I was.

My feeling is the Defense Department's information campaigns about how much danger there is in the world and how everyone in the military are such heroes are designed to keep the Defense Industry going at the expense of the rest of the citizenry's expense and quality of life.

Go ahead all you regular posters and call me a socialist/communist.


More great thoughts from Gatesville's resident socialist.

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