To the Editor:

Our members of Congress personally do not see most of our letters, so I wrote this because our Senate and House members read your paper and need to know their jobs depend on correcting this error.

To our elected representatives:

I just wanted to let you know we all understand how hard it must be for you and other members of Congress to have to work under the current president.

I think he gets real confused on things and I noticed recently in the process to get a new health care system that he evidently sent you and other members of Congress a letter on something he was interested in as well as most every person in this nation.

Unfortunately, his spelling is apparently not very good and the letter obviously made Congress make a huge mistake on what the people wanted.

The people want HEALTHCARE but the president evidently spelled it WEALTHCARE. It could have been just a typo, but it caused Congress to do exactly what the people in this country did not want. So, you need to get it right because your job depends on it.

Jim Denton


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