To the Editor:

Our military has a serious problem recruiting young people. Over 70 percent of applicants cannot qualify to join the military. Most cannot pass the test, over 30 percent are obese, many have football injuries that disqualify them. Google it and read about it.

This creates a dangerous shortage of needed troops to protect our nation.

Some politicians just gave the wealthy and corporations huge tax cuts. Others have come up with a way to attract people to join our military by cutting all military income tax.

If you join the military you would not pay taxes on your military income. This includes both active duty and Reserve and National Guard personnel who attend drills.

Some politicians do not favor this idea and will not back it in Congress.

Our nation needs this because without it our military suffers serious shortages in needed troops.

Vote for our country.

Jim Denton

retired U.S. Army major


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Interesting proposal. Would definitely boost enlistments, and most likely would not rob the Treasury of all that much. Always thought military retired pay should be tax free also.

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