To the Editor:

Will Rogers said, “There are men running government who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.”

We all know of at least a couple of them right now.

The good thing is we in America can control those people if we vote smart.

A president can do little if both the Senate and House are controlled with a veto-proof vote.

Sadly, we have reached a level that if the people want to control our government and not let it be run mostly by who has the most money to give to the politicians, then we must all cooperate.

Every two years we must change the House majority from one party to the other and make sure the Senate’s members understand their time is coming after six years.

This will save us a lot of tax money from paying those huge retirement salaries and benefits.

We should demand a law that makes it illegal for a politician to receive money for anything in any way and carry at least a 20-year sentence in prison.

They managed to do away with most of Americans’ retirement benefits.

They told us we must gamble on Wall Street with our savings if we want to have enough money for retirement.

Even today they are looking at cutting back on such things as Medicare and Social Security.

Next election let’s all vote a Democratic House and a GOP Senate.

Jim Denton


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