To the Editor:

The idea that many people want to do away with Roe v. Wade so that women cannot control their own body and health not only is against our Constitution; it also makes no sense. To not allow it simply will take us right back to where we were years ago with back-alley abortion sites popping up all over.

It was a horrible mess and many young women died. The wealthy sent their daughters to foreign countries to abort. I am 82 and remember that period sadly.

Usually the problem is that most of these people have that feeling due to their religious beliefs. The Founding Fathers were very clear about mixing religion with politics. If someone believes an abortion is a sin in their religious view, then they should not get an abortion; however, they cannot force their religious belief on anyone else.

If we allowed that to go on with all of the different religions we have in this nation, we would be blowing churches up all over and shooting people just like many religious-run countries do now. Freedom of religion is very clear in our Constitution, and if you are of one religion, you cannot force another religion to follow your beliefs, That is why the Founding Fathers clearly stated they wanted “freedom of religion.”

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