To the Editor:

I noticed few if any citizens attend city and county meetings, even during the important tax debates. It may be because they hold the meetings at 9 a.m. during the week when most people have to be at work. Public meetings should be held in the evenings, like on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Another thing those meetings can do is find ways to save tax money, not just spend it. One great way to save millions of tax dollars is to have voting by mail for everyone. Around 30 states allow all people to vote in person or by mail — not just the elderly or out-of-state military.  Three states only vote by mail. If we vote by mail, we do not use the very expensive computer voting machines, hire a lot of people to work at the polls and pay for all the training needed to do so. We not only save a lot of tax money, but no foreign government can break into envelopes with their computers.

Why can’t city and county politicians address this huge tax-saving idea to the state Legislature and let those counties show them how to save taxpayers millions in tax money?

Jim Denton


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