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Gatesville reader says obtaining Texas election ID card not so simple


To the Editor:

Folks in Texas seem to think that just because you have reached an age where you no longer have a driver’s license, all you have to do is go down to the local Texas DPS office and ask for an Election Identification card (a picture ID card issued by the state). Not so fast!

What if you are in your 90s and were born in a rural American area with the help of a midwife, as many folks were, including my mom, and you do not have a birth certificate? Maybe you have parents or relatives in this situation.

If you no longer have your driver’s license but you do have your Social Security, Medicare, current voter registration card, income tax forms, insurance proof, you have a long voting record, then you would think that there is no problem in getting this picture ID card. Wrong!

You can no longer vote.

This law Texas has made is preventing many of our old veterans and others from voting and it must be stopped.

The rumor that there are tens of thousands of illegals voting just isn’t true.

Think! If you are an illegal, you certainly do not want to call attention to yourself in this country, so do you really think you would try to vote for some politician in a country you sneaked into so you could just get a job to feed your family, as most all illegals are doing?

Do you know how many actual cases of voter fraud from an illegal has been prosecuted in this state?

None. Not one. So, why would Texas make such a law?

Jim Denton