To the Editor:

How would you like to learn how to save tens of thousands of your tax dollars in your county and millions in Texas?

Every county could use the extra money to do repair and fixing of county problems.

Are you aware many counties are planning to cut down the number of voting places and cut paper ballots out and use only the expensive voting computers?

We all know the polls close at 7 p.m. on election day. This is often a real problem for working folks who have to commute to work out of town and especially for working Moms who prepare dinner for the family. We do not need longer lines and our time used up.

We could save all the money for the costs of these expensive voting computers, cut out all the money for programming them every election, cut out the expense for poll workers in all the voting places, have a paper trail for every vote in the county and we could give you all the time you needed to vote when you want to do it by simply doing what every state on the West Coast and Colorado does every election —VOTE BY MAIL.

None of those states has ever had any scandal. All registered voters’ ballots are mailed to them at least 30 days before the election and they vote at their convenience at home and mail their ballot in.

Not only do the folks in the states that do this love this, but the number of voters has increased in every state doing it, which should be the goal of every voting system — not creating long lines and wasting voters’ time.

If the whole West Coast of America can do this, so can Texas.

Let your county officials know if you like this idea and spread it around to your neighbors and friends and let’s save ourselves lots of tax money and time.

Jim Denton


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If this would stop the dead people from voting, I'm all for it!

Mamma Griz

Dead people would be less likely to mail in their ballots-- probably less likely to receive them in the first place. I voted by mail for the first time, and it was a lot more convenient than getting in my car and driving to where I would be voting-- even tho I voted early the driving to go vote was an inconvenience at times.


IMHO: People who are inconvenienced by getting to the poles or showing an ID maybe shouldn’t vote in the first place if it’s such an “inconvenience.”

I figure if a soldier can sit in a foxhole getting shot at (or possibly killed) to protect my right to vote, I just don’t feel “inconvenienced” getting to the pole even if I have to drive, walk, take time from by busy life to stand in a line or show an ID.

And, If the dead can do it… there’s no excuse for anyone else!

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