To the Editor:

Bonnie Erbe article KDH, Oct. 10, “Ignoring environment will hurt nation” like all environmental warnings is well intended, but misses the essential fact of the matter. Her complaint centers around the fact, that neither presidential candidate seems to pay attention to rising sea levels caused by global warming.

The reality is far above and beyond the influence of our president, or all the combined presidents, dictators and various potentates worldwide. 

Global warming is, for the moment, a fact, but it is not man caused. The beginning of the Arctic ice melt started with the end of the last Ice Age, and it continues today.  

Her concern about the flooding of New York is valid and should be addressed now.

That’s what humans do, we adapt to our environment. The mega-environment is the ever-changing earth. 

Mass migrations of humans and animals have, and will always occur when the environment they currently occupy is less appealing than somewhere else.  

If you choose not to migrate, you must adapt to the change or die.  

Don’t buy into her idea that humankind can change worldwide climate any more than primitive humans could stop a volcano by throwing some teenage girl into the lava.

Our current sacrifice is self-imposed misery by restricting our access to fossil fuels. We are endangering ourselves, and restricting our evolution as humans by not availing ourselves to the abundant energy in North America. The fuel sources, oil, coal and natural gas are abundant yet not unlimited. That fact is where the adaptation takes place.

Stop all this nonsense with the wind and solar. They are inefficient, undependable and within the present technological parameters, not the solution to our long-term energy needs. We need to advance the nuclear energy production technology as a safe and efficient energy solution.

Don Fender


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Dr Strangelove

Mr. Fender thank you—you’re spot on. When I mention to the manmade global warming crowd what about the global warming on Mars? They’re silent, when I point out there are no cows [methane] or evil automobiles that is supposed to cause manmade global warming on Mars—they are baffled . When it comes to manmade global warming it’s—junk science. The real cause of manmade global warming is FOLLOW THE MONEY!

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