To the Editor:

The government shutdown is over ... for three weeks. Many think it was about politics and power, but I think it was a moral injustice.

The whole issue of the wall was a foolish and childish ploy on the president’s part to redirect us from his legal problems. It was bullying with a purpose.

The party responsible for the shutdown was the president’s own, the GOP. In December, they controlled both houses of Congress.

They could have ended this moral outrage almost at the minute it occurred. Even a presidential veto can be overridden if the Senate has the will and patriotism to do it.

The moral outrage comes from understanding that a weak and damaged man needed an issue — any issue — to protect his corrupt and dysfunctional administration and he used the people of the United States to accomplish it.

Government is not a plaything for dilettantes and billionaires with nothing else to do. We have the power and the right because of the foresight of our founders and our own sense of moral injustice to make this administration stop acting like a gang of playground bullies.

Glenda Turck


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