To the Editor:

As a survivor of the Fort Hood massacre, it is apparent that the tragic events in Connecticut have led to the slaughter of innocents once again.

Regrettably, this occurred because there was no way to give immediate protective recourse with firearms against this kind of heinous criminal act.

Denying these men and women this protective ability is criminal and serves as definite proof that these loving teachers and other responsible adults should have been armed with the means to defend themselves and others.

We must embrace constitutional liberty and freedom and accountability in these matters.

In light of the politicization of this matter, we must deny the Obama adminsitration the opportunity to enact gun control under the premise of “never letting a bad crisis go to waste.”

Howard Ray

U.S. Army retired


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Bill of Harker Heights

Texas does need good teachers and school personnel. They also need the tools and training to protect their students. KISD already has a police force of its own. The question is does this police force have the personnel, tools, and training to make a difference during an emergency at a school.


We must acknowledge that in these cases, the firearm is not to blame. The perpetrator is to blame, and the common link among the perpetrators is mental illness. In addition to point-of-sale background checks for firearms purchases, we must enforce the standard that those who have been adjudicated as having a mental illness cannot be allowed to purchase or own firearms. “Waiting periods” and similar devices are not only Unconstitutional, they are ineffective in preventing crime, as we now see in the Newtown incident. What works, and what worked in Lampasas, is reporting individuals to law enforcement who exhibit signs of mental illness or violence, and the responsible actions of family members in denying these individuals access to firearms. Per the United States Code, Title 18, those determined to be mentally defective may not purchase firearms. This standard must be enforced and properly resourced by state and federal governments to create better reporting of these individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to prevent further tragedies. These steps will ease the burden on school districts for physical security as we decrease the threats to our schools, even in small towns like Lampasas and Newtown. This can be done without infringing the rights of millions of law-abiding firearms owners across our land that have never committed any crime and are no threat to our society in any way.Those who continue to scream for violating the Constitution to make themselves feel better need to look long and hard in the mirror.


As a retired military man like myself Howard you of all people should know that being a John wayne hero is the best way to get on the S List . As the military works as a team in order for some of the team to win and most of all that some will survive .

So the idea of a armed un trained in infantry skills can be a hero . As that fool head of the NRA and the retarded Rick Perry suggested that the good guys will shoot the bad guys. The wall in D.C. is decade to my fallen fellow G.I.s in Nam if all heros whom were done in by Charlie a very bad guy. And the number of trained police (good guys killed by bad guys runs into the thousands each year.)

What Texas school children need is good teachers and not John Wayne fools whom can shoot but are as ignorant as Rick Perry about teaching children.

Rick and the Texas GOP hate children as seen by the budget cuts out of public education so as to have money to give to the lobbyist ( including the NRA ) whom bribe Rick and the GOP. and bully women around under the pro life banner but want folks to die so the NRA can make a profit.

And by the way Why should we tax payers pay for guards as suggested by the NRA? , is it because the NRA will not have to spend a penny of the huge profits they make from the sale of gun,clips.ammo, ect. on our children .?

What Texas children for both security and education is for the GOP which is owned lock stock and barrel by the NRA . To be incited for child abuse . So we the people can elect folks whom know that our children and their education is Texas most valuable assets and not guns whom are a curse upon the nation. Look at Japan , and Europe yes they have some school violence and those nations punish those nuts not arm them. and Look at the SAT scores of those nations and compare to gun nut USA and it is clear the USA and Texas has a SAT gap.


By raising your schools tax, that's how you can pay for it. Then you can put your actual money where your big mouth is, for once.

The rest of your posting does not warrant a response.


He is a one sided person, and a true party man, The people he supports are never wrong, I have been waiting all of my life to see a perfect man, and low a behold smith have seen one or two, he missed the whole point, NRA suggested for the childrens protection until all of the mental cases walking around could be put under control, Unless he pay real or property taxes what is he worrying about? All of my kids are over 40, yet I still have to pay taxes for the schools, It is the property owner that pay for the education of the children, or businesses, but the average citizen that rents pay nothing.

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