To the Editor:

In the race for District 54 state representative, we have a choice between (Republican) Jimmie Don Aycock, who supports gun rights and his challenger, Claudia Brown, a liberal Democrat who is in favor of banning semi-automatic guns.

According to a worker in the Bell County Democratic Party office, she (Ms. Brown) has a problem with “Uzis.”

The problem with that is people don’t own Uzis, they own semiautomatic replicas that function exactly the same as many semiautomatic deer rifles and shotguns.

How interesting that liberals who constantly preach that people shouldn’t be judged by how they look or what race they are do exactly the same thing when they want to ban some semiautomatics because they look like something they are not and are prejudiced against.

Gun ban proposals come up every legislative session.

If you believe your gun should be banned, then Claudia Brown is your choice. If you support your gun rights, then Jimmie Don Aycock is your choice.

Noel Dannheim


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Aycock has served enough terms. Guns are awesome but please people! How can the same representative over and over in District 54 benefit voters? The saying goes: politicians are like dirty diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.


Above writer says Ms Brown has a problem with -Uzis-
Heck, I've got a problem with Uzis myself. That's why I'm glad I don't know anyone and have never known anyone that has had one.
I'm sure thery're out there, someplace,
It's just that your everyday citizen doesn't have ownership.
Where and who do these gun law advocates get these ideas from ?
When 'they ' mention a Uzis law, they mean, ' they' want ALL your guns.

I'm sorry,I can't go along with that or take a chance , on voting for anyone, who might be talked into voting for something along those lines.
I sit more store in the law we already have in place, put there by the original group who fought for and formed this nation. They weren't such liberal thinkers as some today ,and knew from their past experience,there may come a day when the people,their people, may need some protection for self preservation and gave us that right to hold arms,in our Constitution.

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