To the Editor:

Just read the article in today’s paper (“Tax woes for former Heights mayor date back to 2009,” Feb. 12 KDH). All I can say is ... unbelievable.

His tax woes go back to 2009. How could he not know? This isn’t unfortunate financial circumstances beyond his control. Didn’t Mr. (Mike) Aycock receive a notice prior to being sued by the county?

The article states: “The former Heights mayor owes the Bell County Tax Appraisal District nearly $55,000 in back taxes, including more than $2,160 to the city.”

It further states: “According to tax appraisal officials, Aycock owes $39,588.50 in taxes from 2009 to 2013 on his business, Aycock Construction Company. He also owes 2012 and 2013 taxes on his home of $14,520. Both figures include penalties and attorney fees.”

How can the residents trust anyone who doesn’t keep their own house in order and expect them to run the city.?

How can he be “on the fence” about running again for mayor?

The answer is obvious ... he doesn’t.

I, for one, would not vote for him.

Donna Park, Harker Heights

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@ In August 2012, Aycock told the Herald his lawyer was working out a payment schedule. The appraisal district could not be reached Friday afternoon to verify whether the taxes were paid.

I would like to know If any payment promised to start in 2012, has been made against the owed tax's and if so ,how much has been paid.

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