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Harker Heights reader upset over proposals to cut military pensions


To the Editor:

The rules just changed without one bit of forewarning.

Both chambers of Congress have put forth a budget proposal that would reduce military pension COLAs by a full 1 percent below inflation until we reach age 62. The cost is significant.

Anyone who has earned his military pension understands national security and without doubt, the growing national debt is the most significant threat we face as a nation.

But this military profession united us through a common bond of trust: “If you said you were going to do something, I would accept that your word was true.”

But now this trust is being broken from the civilian leaders who have asked so much of its military over the past 20 years: the military pension you said we were going to get is no longer. No grandfathering, no phase in, just an abrupt change to the rules.

It doesn’t matter that you made life decisions on Congress’ promise. The scary part is if this promise was so easily broken; what is the next break?

The Military Officer Association of America is making a call for action to our elected leaders. My membership fee is going to them today.

I’d like to hear from Congressman Carter what his stance will be on this. I hope he supports the promise made to his constituents.

Howard “Scot” Arey

Harker Heights