To the Editor:

The rules just changed without one bit of forewarning.

Both chambers of Congress have put forth a budget proposal that would reduce military pension COLAs by a full 1 percent below inflation until we reach age 62. The cost is significant.

Anyone who has earned his military pension understands national security and without doubt, the growing national debt is the most significant threat we face as a nation.

But this military profession united us through a common bond of trust: “If you said you were going to do something, I would accept that your word was true.”

But now this trust is being broken from the civilian leaders who have asked so much of its military over the past 20 years: the military pension you said we were going to get is no longer. No grandfathering, no phase in, just an abrupt change to the rules.

It doesn’t matter that you made life decisions on Congress’ promise. The scary part is if this promise was so easily broken; what is the next break?

The Military Officer Association of America is making a call for action to our elected leaders. My membership fee is going to them today.

I’d like to hear from Congressman Carter what his stance will be on this. I hope he supports the promise made to his constituents.

Howard “Scot” Arey

Harker Heights

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So the author of this article says that the growing debt is one of the most serious challenges that this country faces, yet servicemembers were given a 5% raise in their housing allowances and the President and his family takes million dollar vacations to mention a few examples of spending. So please, don't spread hypocrisy in implying that some must sacrifice while others do not. To take away from disabled Service members by reducing the COLA, or raising their healthcare premiums or providing a lower cost medicine than they were prescribed for while on active duty is pathetic.
Those who served and sacrificed with broken bodies don't want to read of these things.
These Americans served our country, while the spoiled "elites" never faced the dangers of war and were still in their diapers. This is an
absolute failure in confidence and to think that John McCain supported this makes me want term limits immediately and retroactively...just like Bill Clinton made retroactive tax rate increases one of his first actions when President.

Gary Caraway

Louie Minor is running for Texas' 31st congressional district. Louie Minor Jr. is a Captain in the Army Reserves, a combat veteran, and a native of Central Texas. Born and raised in Belton, TX, Louie is a third generation Latino-American, and the first generation in his family to graduate from College.

As a Captain in the Army Reserves, Louie has dedicated his life to public service for our country, and as a combat veteran in the Iraq War, Louie understands the needs facing our veterans, our community and our country. His passion for service drives him to create the change needed to ensure fair minded and equal representation in Washington.

He is a proud father with a decade of service to the military, employment with the Department of Homeland Security, and Master’s Degree in Public Administration.


What is the position of Louie Minor? about restoring the cuts to us retirees?
will Louie Please introduce a Bill for budget reasons to cut 100% of the pay and benefits of President Obama and Senators Reid and McCain? and since they are more loyal to illegal aliens in the same bill strip Obama ,Reid, and McCain of their US citizen ship and deport them ASAP to Mexico and Louie use his Latin connections to see to that those 3 are greeted by the Mexican Cartel ? IF he will do that I will not only Vote from him but campaign for him.


The main principle behind leader ship is to lead by example . Yet from both the President to both parties in both house in congress we do not see leader ship.
As the SOB's in D.C.have forgot that it is the military both past and present that has allowed them to live high on the hog .so one would think if things were so bad that cuts must be made in the military they would lead by example and cut their own pay and benefits before they cut off the legs that are keeping them standing.

And it its time for we in the military both active and retired to form our own party called the PAY BACK party.

And to pay us military back When we win the election is we will tax all the gifts and money ( I got debs on the Blondes and Red headed women) that the lobbyist have used to bribe congress to rob us of our money . Fact if the greedy business whom have the money to bribe congress then they have enough money to pay more taxes.
And as far as passing the tax on to consumers we will make that a lobby tax on lobbyist that can not be passed on.



I emailed Rep. Roger Williams and wrote this:

I just read your statement of support for the Ryan/Murray budget bill.
Imagine my disappointment at your enthusiasm for this bill as the budget proposal includes a complex plan to increase existing TRICARE Prime enrollment fees, implement new fees for TRICARE Standard and future TRICARE-for-Life beneficiaries, and phase-in higher pharmacy co-pays over four years. Additionally, the budget also proposes using the chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate future Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLA) for military retirees, veterans and Social Security recipients. The chained CPI would be used in lieu of the current CPI and would generally reduce COLA increases by 0.2 to 0.3 percent.
When I voted for you and put you in office, I did so with the understanding that you understood that in the heart of your new district lies Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas counties, which are heavily populated with active duty military personnel, military retirees, and veterans receiving disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The vast majority of these citizens are TRICARE enrollees as well.
Perhaps it was easy for members of Congress, many of whom have never served a day in uniform, like yourself, to stab our military personnel and retirees in the back in order to fund the future wasteful spending of the federal government. Perhaps it was just politics and game planning, to make a deal to avoid negative publicity, that drove this deal, as few members of Congress will be affected by this betrayal.
I call it a betrayal as our veterans have served their country for large portions of their lives, and then retired from active duty, trusting that their government will live up to its promises to care for them and protect their entitlements. This deal does exactly the opposite.
So basically, the support of our military community is a lie for the House of Representatives.
I fully expect you to see the error of your ways and propose or support an amendment to this bill reversing or removing these provisions that betray and punish our veteran community. I fully expect that as a member of the Budget Committee, you will find another way to pay the government's bills that does not include trampling on retired, disabled Soldiers. You could start by reining in Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Internal Revenue Service.
Do this and you may again have my vote. Fail to do so and I will campaign against you in the district and seek your removal as my representative at the earliest possible opportunity.

I also put it on his facebook page.


Excellent letter---I will copy and send it on to my reps also,

I also want to post it on the FACEBOOK page of the Lynn Woolley radio show /which is on locally 8-11 AM on AM Radio 1400 - He has listeners through out Texas, some of New Mexico and I believe a small part of Ok. And followers among overseas military.
I am certain there are other military listeners among his audience.

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