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Remember a year ago when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had an aura of inevitability? Then Republicans mounted their guns and lies on her and destroyed her image and credibility.

No big deal. Hillary won anyway by nearly 3 million votes.

So Hillary’s presidential win was inevitable as she manhandled Donald Trump and sent him down to a disastrous defeat.

Tomorrow (Friday), Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as the new commander in chief. No! Wait! the Republican-controlled Congress is going to inaugurate loser Donald Trump as president. Republican politicians are stealing another presidential election, much as they did in 2000.

So, let bygones be bygones, right?

Republicans have stolen two presidential elections now and what’s to keep them from stealing the 2020, 2024 and 2028 presidential elections?

It’s so easy for Republicans to steal elections; nobody lifts a finger. Why stop?

Ron Lowe


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This is what happens when a Liberal is hit with the reality that not everyone gets a trophy.


seek professional help.


No, that is a lie. the election was won fair and square, according to election rules. Albert Gore did try to steal his election with bogus recount after bogus recount until the courts rightfully put a stop to it. Gore also tried to get absentee ballots from military voters thrown out. The only presidential election that was stolen was when John Kennedy won Illinois due to fraudulent voting in Chicago. Keep on whining poor widdle snowflake. You put up a reprehensible corrupt candidate and she lost.


[huh] The Republican candidate won using the system that was set up by our founders. Majority of voters does not equal win. This was put in place to protect and give a voice to small population states/rural areas. If you feel that is stealing perhaps you should seek out a local mental professional for assistance.

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