To the Editor:

Local pastors, I write to seek your support for an initiative to promote the advancement of safe and civil educational experiences of our children.

Specifically, we would like to coordinate support that will provide adult presence in and around our area high schools. As you may have heard, our schools are experiencing many students fighting in and around the schools. In partnership with KISD, we are seeking to provide a solution that will help improve the culture of the school system.

Our efforts will support the community engagement initiatives currently being designed by the Killeen Independent School District. The vision for the faith community is for churches to coordinate times and dates that churches and their members come to schools and provide an encouraging presence that sends the message to the school district and students that they are supported by people of faith.

Please select a high school and provide availability dates and times to be present in support of the Community Cares Faith Initiative at Killeen, Harker Heights, Shoemaker and Ellison high schools.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful response to this request. It is our goal to work in tandem with KISD to improve the educational experience of our children. Please provide your response to

Philemon Brown

Heights Community Church

Harker Heights

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I have only one thing to say .....
Where are the parents?
if a child is fighting then there is going to be a report to the parents right?
The parents, in the end, are responsible for their child's behavior and need to
be held accountable if said child turns into a menace.
Get the Police involved, have these children picked up and booked.


Email address correction. The correct email address is Thanks


With all due respect pastor, KISD shouldn't need anymore volunteer help from the community. A $300 million annual budget is plenty for them to do their good work.

Maybe they should return some of their tax haul to the people so kids could have parents at home instead out all the time trying to make ends meet and put food on the table.

Maybe the government subsidized mega churches in Killeen can pay half the KISD tax rate on their million of dollar places of worship so KISD can have more money to fritter away by its educated and dedicated cadre of bureaucrats and politicians.

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